Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


I’ve never played Yakuza. I know a lot of respectable critics, you know, the ones that are actually critics and not just publisher mouthpieces. Anyhow, they love it. It’s made me want to give it a go but Saint’s Row/GTA type stuff hasn’t held my interest in a decade.


What the actual fuck


Started up Borderlands 1 again, as I had said, I guess… level 32 with Mord, and gatdam - up until Old Haven, I swear my best guns were a Lvl 22 green Masher, and a Lvl 12 Double Anarchy.

I really love the way the scaling was handled in the first game.

It is hands down better than part two, in that regard.

If they combine BL1’s scaling with everything else from BL2, , add a character or two, and call it Borderlands 3, I’ll be more than satisfied.


I both do and don’t want a Borderlands 3 at the same time.


Played a SHIT load of BL2…don’t care if BL3 becomes a thing or not for some reason. Guess I got my fill with 2.


Take Two Interactive already said that they plan to include microtransactions in every game going forward. I had a ton of fun with Borderlands 2, but I’m not looking forward to seeing how Borderlands 3 turns out.


This year has been pretty damn amazing for games.

-Resident Evil 7
-Yakuza 0
-Yakuza Kiwami
-Wolfenstein II
-Crash 1-3 Remake
-Yooka-Laylee Patrick Swayze
-Gravity Rush 2
-The Evil Within 2
-yS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
-Tokyo Xanadu
-Persona 5
-Edit: Shadow of War. Almost forgot that one
-Dishonored 2 expansion
-Uncharted 4 expansion
-Super Mario Odyssey
-Mario Kart re-release
-Tekken 7
-Mahvel VS Capcom: Infinite
-Toukiden 2
-Dead Rising 4 re-release
-Berserk Musou
-Pokeymanz re-release
-Wipeout HD/Fury/2047 “remake”

DMC5 or Ninja Gaiden 3 2018 pls



300 bucks for a VR headset isnt half bad. Still wouldn’t bite but happy to see the price of the tech coming down pretty quick.


Lol, that EA Pr guy comment is sitting at almost 560k downvotes now :rofl:


Doesn’t matter all the major Youtubers and Twitch personalities are currently sucking the dick of Battlefront 2, even Angry Joe went on the dick sucking parade after initially lambasting them.


I’m going to get the Skyrim bundle for $350 next week. I have no interest in Skyrim but I want the v2 of the PSVR so I’m gonna just get that bundle. If anyone wants Skyrim VR I’m gonna be looking to sell it.


The term dick sucking parade made me laugh really hard. Like, I snorted. Thank you, Jae.


Borderlands 2 already had a bunch of shitty cosmetic DLC options. whats interesting to note is Randy Pitchford came out with a series of tweets lambasting loot boxes so hopefully he can keep them out of BL3.


Randy Pitchfork is a pathological liar who spews whatever nonsense he is told, he still goes on to say Aliens Colonial Marines is a well made and good game and people just can’t appreciate its artistic choices.


Guaranteed Randy Pitchford has to dress like Slave Leia whenever he has a meeting with Take Two execs. Cat has ZERO control over this series.


Randy Pitchford is a lying sack of shit so I wouldn’t put too much faith in what he says vs what he does.


Woo beat the bonus world in SMO. Came down to the wire too.


Dark side of the Moon or Darker Side?

The Snow part fucked me up sooo many times. Those flicky birds are mad wonky


Darker. Got fucked on that platform ride with the lasers and only had one heart left, but managed to clear it.


Real quick; if I liked Uncharted 4, is that spinoff - The Lost Legacy - worth picking up? I saw it at a Disc Replay today for 30 bucks and I already have store credit there for 15.