Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Would you say that the ratio of action to platforming is more balanced?

UC4 felt lacking in action in the last 3-4 hours of the campaign imo.


dont confuse being an adult with being mature


PS4 free to play online starting 11/15

also FFXV Comrades multiplayer expansion launches that day too

and the news also means that people can play School Girl Zombie Hunter online at least for 2 days (or they said a week, so until next monday or something?)
so yea basically PS4 games with online can be used online for free for a couple of days


Let people get what they want.
If they fuss about their decision later down the line, it’s on them.

As for EA backing down again due to horrid PR, I wonder how long that’ll last.


Persona 5 nominated for GOTY :open_mouth:


Atlus are such sexist pigs. fucking Atlus licking Mara all day long. oh sure they take the time to make the girls look “cute”

but they rushed it and didn’t care to take the time to adapt the story and game to female protagonist option.
P5 could have been something to more people.

in its current state, P5 is only for boys that want waifus. all those years of P5 planning and developing and they only pander to one gender. sickening.

“female protagonist not worth it”? those fucking cocksucking assholes. they disrespect girls and gamers in general that prefer female protagonist.
they aren’t getting my money nor respect.

Persona 3 Portable is still the only worthwhile Persona game for both genders.


Affinity’s amental illness strikes again


I’ll always appreciate how EA’s awful decision making makes people hate them more than Bank of America.

For those of you who’ve never banked with BoA, imagine if anything you did when went to the bank involved a horse ready to mount you.

Some how this is seen as less bad than EA.



Did you play P5? Because, while I agree that having an option to play as either gender in games like this is ideal, the story doesn’t really allow for it. You’d have to change the MC’s entire backstory on top of adjusting a bunch of key points in the narrative so it makes sense for a female character. It’s not as simple as swapping out the models and changing he/him to she/her. It could be done, don’t get me wrong. Having a female character who took on the perspective of one of the female party members could work with a few tweaks. However, you can’t really deny the game its credit or condemn it simply for not having that option.

Also, saying P3P is “the only worthwhile Persona game…” is ridiculous considering it only has to do with what your character looks like. They’re games. You play them, you have fun. Your experience shouldn’t be tarnished just because you’re a girl who can’t play as a girl or a guy who can’t play as a guy. If that ruins your experience, that’s an entirely personal issue that has nothing to do with the game itself. You might want to revisit your reasons for playing video games.


Don’t encourage it.


Pleassseeee let Nier win best score/music. Also hope it wins best RPG, but idk if it will beat P5(haven’t played it yet). DOSII being nominated as best rpg is nice and all, but that game has way too many fucking bugs for me to put it on that list. Hope Tekken wins best fighting game.


The strength of Nintendo fans will be seen award night. Disgusted at you man childs



I might actually give P5 a shot.

Still 2017 was stacked with some great games!!

Though if Injustice 2 or Tekken 7 don’t win FG of the year!!


I completely ignored the waifu dating part since there was no option for Mishima and it’s still easily my GOTY.

The waifu sim is just the cherry on top of the social links system which is the best it’s ever been and 95% of doesn’t have anything to do with dating. it’s just something you do at the end of a maxed social link to get a bit of extra dialogue.


Most of the nominees for categories seem to be pretty legit and expected this year. Only thing that really stands out as a head scratcher to me is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in the running for GOTY. That seems off.


Cuphead is also on Steam. :coffee:

The Switch at the moment is the better investment over the Xbox One, Xbox One X isn’t really a game changer for the Xbox.
IT don’t matter what the output resolution is if internally the resolution is 1080p or less. If the internal resolution and textures of the game lower than 4k, you aren’t getting a 4k Game.
You are just getting a 720p, 900p or 1080p that got upscaled to 1080p. And the over the net file downloads you need for the 4k assets are laughably huge (180 GB or more).

Exactly, what moving parts?


What is a “better investment” isn’t up to you, it’s up to each individual.


I mean it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread right now. it looks weird standing alongside all these other hyperpolished games but a lot of people like it.


How that shit got in over a slew of worthy entries is beyond me?