Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Ya’ll fucking with Affinity’s programming, now she’s gone full rampancy.


God I fucking love Doom. I got to fuck with the Switch version last weekend and it was really cool. There’s obvious graphical downgrades and the 30FPS takes some getting used to, but it’s still a really impressive display for the Switch regardless. I’ll probably get it again for Switch just because of the novelty of its portability, but even then I still struggle to see myself playing it that much when I have the superior version on PS4/Xbone.I still play it on a regular basis. Think I’m gonna try and Platinum it.

Barely even fucked with Arcade mode and the Snapmap feature, too. The Campaign is too godlike and the Multiplayer is silly balls to the wall, ALMOST Quake style fun. Not to mention all the DLC is now completely free for everyone.

What a great fucking game. Possibly my favorite shooter in the last decade, maybe ever. :love:


Because she’s a homophobic misrandrist, haven’t figured that out yet?


Affinity is just a rouge program sent out by the bot program known as Emil.


I haven’t upgraded my desktop vid card in probably 8-10 years. I probably haven’t turned my desktop on in like 6 months. I also don’t care if it could play Cuphead or SF5.

I’ll take the convenience of putting in a disk or just pushing a button and playing a game on my 120" screen lounging in my power recliner with crazy 5.2 sound rather than getting a game on PC, making sure my drivers and shit are up to date, sitting at a desk when I’ve been sitting at a desk all day working, playing on a 24" monitor. I’ll prefer the former.

Some of you (not saying you, but people in general) have a problem grasping the concept that many people don’t have the same wants/needs as you and not everyone wants to do what you would do. And that’s okay that people have different wants/needs.


If for some reason anybody watches the game awards I’ll spoil it now. Battlegrounds is going to win game or the year because it’s flavor of the month.




Looks like Amazon is going to partake in the PSVR $100 sales over the next week through BF.

Hoping to snag one from there. I hope it goes on sale earlier than later because I’m going to Aruba for a week on the 25th to the 2nd and would like to fuck around with it prior.


If I had to pick a personal GOTY, it’d probably be Zelda.

Though there’s a lot of good shit that came out this year, and even more stuff I have yet to play. Tough call.


Horizons still my GOTY but theres also a lot of stuff i havent gotten to play yet.


What happened with him?


I mean, you can have your PC hooked up to the TV as well…s’what I do.

I get the other stuff though.


You can but it’s not always viable depending on the PC and your place. If you have an office where the PC belongs then dragging your tower back and fourth and dealing with all the wires cable’s and plugs is a fucking hassle. You may not have room for your Tower to be a permanent fixture in your living room, or maybe you just don’t want your ugly ass tower fucking up the vibe of your living room (Yes all towers are ugly as fuck, even the cool looking ones, fact).

So yea just because you can doesn’t mean it’s actually an option for you.


And most Fighting game fans prefer PC monitors to TVs as PC Monitors tend to lag alot less.

Only real difference is the choice of furniture. One you using a couch or easy chair and a TV Stand, the other has a desk and a chair.
I know people who set up a 40" PC monitor on a TV stand and sit in a Lazy Boy while they use their PC using a wireless mouse and keyboard, then when they want to they switch to a game pad when they feel like it for games.

My parents use a older HDTV as a PC monitor
These days the only difference between a HD TV and a HD PC Monitor is one is lacking a radio tuner for off-the-air and cable broadcasts and that PC Monitors has less post-processing for video.
PCs can also support the same “Crazy 5.2” surround sound, or even 7.1 without any extra modifications to the PC.

So those points are moot.


I never repost facebook memes here, but this one had me dying


Yeah no shit, that’s something that has been done for decades.


…so then why did you bring up the convenience of being on your TV set-up when you can do that with PC as well? Makes that whole point moot. :confused:

If it’s “I don’t want to hook my PC up to the TV” that’s not a PC problem…


That acting like an asshole on RL and Social Media finally catched up with him.
NBC dropped him using as an excuse some old tweets where he made some racist jokes.
So capcom followed after it.


No one said it was a PC problem.

It’s amazing you guys just can’t accept that someone doesnt want the same shit you do.


Because I said where my PC is located and that is how my current setup is.

I could also build a $3k PC and game on PC if I so desired, but I don’t feel like doing that either. There’s nothing on PC that I care about that I can’t already play on my Switch, PS4, or X1.

Again, not everyone has the same needs/wants as you all. How this concept goes over people’s heads is mind boggling.