Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


I really do.


Take Two is gonna go hard in BL3.
I can already see consumable keys being needed to fight raid bosses, or revive items you can buy to keep you from wiping after the boss uses an unavoidable AOE. Tired of farming for that Bee Shield? This item boosts drop rates for 2 hours. This boss has a .03% chance to drop that Legendary, but this loot box has a 5% chance to give it.


I like to sit on the couch. I like to slouch, I can’t sit at a desk to play games anymore.

I know you can use a controller on PC but at the end of the day, the OS isn’t as streamlined, stuff runs in the background while you’re trying to play, you have a lot more issues with PC gaming that console gamers don’t even realise exist.


I’m buying borderlands 3 even if the season pass is $200


Yeah, it’s a case of what you value more and what you’re willing to put up with (or not).

I’m a sucker for smoother performance. Oh and mods of course, how could I forget =)


Mods are the only reason I’d play on PC. Don’t really care about the other advantages.


Except that still requires me to play Shit Fighter 5 which isn’t happening.


I got Sonic CD for free a while back, so I figured I’d give it a run now.


Lets us know what you think, opinions on Sonic CD tend to be polarized, I find that interesting.


2nd best sonic game


Will your aunt buy it for you?



What’s #1?


If I ask








Keep in mind I not necessarily putting PCs over consoles here, just the Ekbawks Wan Eks
From a technical standpoint and a dollar vs performance it really don’t deserve the hype

It’s selling now so well because it is the "New hotness"
But is that going to keep up after the holidays?


One of my co-workers bought the One X or Scorpio or whatever the fuck it’s called and wants to sell me his OG XB1 for $120… What do?


You said the One S was a huge improvement… Why?


Laugh at him