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Keep in mind I not necessarily putting PCs over consoles here, just the Ekbawks Wan Eks
From a technical standpoint and a dollar vs performance it really don’t deserve the hype

It’s selling now so well because it is the "New hotness"
But is that going to keep up after the holidays?


One of my co-workers bought the One X or Scorpio or whatever the fuck it’s called and wants to sell me his OG XB1 for $120… What do?


You said the One S was a huge improvement… Why?


Laugh at him


I occasionally play a laptop for old games I loved. I used to play on PC all the time.

If a new game is PC or console I’ll pick console.

If it’s PC only I’ve probably got a back-catalog of console games to chew through as it is.


I did that already :rofl:


You misunderstood me.

I was asserting that I already knew that before you chimed in on Pitchfork’s behalf.

But allow me to reiterate:

I will GLADLY not look forward to Borderlands 3 if it has microtransactions.

Microtransactions are fucking cancer.

And anyone who supports them is a cervix.


Meh, they are just like every other system, some people use them right, and some people fuck them up really badly. Blizz seems to be doing them right, I have no problem with OWs Loot Boxes, they are perfectly fine, EA and Activisions handling of them, not so stellar.

It’s like any other thing, I see how it’s beng used by that particular party and make a call from there, just like I do with DLC, and the very games themselves.


watch maximilians reaction, at first he’s like WHAT!? thats kind of cool/insane. then he looks at Aris’s reaction then he’s like SHIT! that’s kind of weird. he’s thinking about the storm cloud aftermath of how everyone’s gonna feel about it but by the sounds of it the majority of the people there liked the announcement


Those of you who have PSVR, I’m looking at possibly getting some headphones that are over ear to use with it. I’m curious if all recommend getting them to get a more immersive experience and if so, which ones? I have been doing some research tonight and the Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR’s seem to be the one of choice that I’ve found so far. I’d be willing to spend up to like $100 or $150 for ones that would be noticeably better but would like to see reviews and stuff saying they are that much better. I also need to be sure they will fit with all the VR gear.


Well it does not matter, with loot boxes are causing such an outcry with people calling it gambling
ether the industry gets smart and self regulate itself like it does with the ESRB for ratings or the Government steps in and does it for them

The government in the UK is already looking into the matter

PEGI said that what is considered gambling is not up to them and it is up to the government.
While the ESRB is insisting Loot Boxes are not gambling.

Personally I don’t see loot boxes like gambling, I see loot boxes more like blind bags for figures or seal packs of trading cards.


I havent had them for a few years now (5+) but I found my Turtle Beat headset to be of pretty low build quality, and shortly after I gave them to my brother they broke. I like my Sony Golds a hell of more, but I don’t know if the VR head set will fit over/under them.


I’ve been researching and the Sony Gold ones (and the Platinum) seem to be behind the TB 350VR’s in sound quality. One complaint people have is the volume can’t really get as loud as some people like. And the Gold’s specifically are lacking in Bass. Whereas the TB ones have their own bass control right on the headphones. The build quality of TB is one thing people have complained about though, as in they just don’t look that appealing and have a cheap plastic feel to them. I am not concerned about that really though as this will strictly be for VR use and adult owned.


The Gold do lack some bass but I dont agree on the volume issue, there’s 0 reason to crank the Golds to full blast, you’ll blow them and your ear drums.


Biiiiiitch, if you don’t fuck 100% of the way off…


If anyone’s still looking to play the Deadpool game on PC, the game’s gonna be delisted from steam this Thursday.


For the discussion about gaming headsets please watch this

Watch out for most Gaming Headsets, they are not worth it.


I didn’t say huge. But I do think it’s a substantial improvement over the original console, and I can give you a few of my reasons why.

-Much lighter and smaller.


-That stupid huge brick on the power cord is just built into the console now.

-Being able to stand it vertically is nice.

-Power button is a button instead of touch sensetive.

-Bluetooth 4.0 and a built in IR Blaster.

-The new controllers are slightly better in design, with a more natural grip, way more wireless range and changeable faceplates for customization.

-4K upscaling when the game in question allows for it.

-Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player.

-1TB and 2TB models are available, and a bunch of different themes and colors.

-Performance all around is a little better, since it has a SLIGHTLY (and I emphasize slightly) better processor. You mostly notice it with how much smoother the dashboard and menu transitions run, but some games seem to benefit from it as well with shorter loading times and whatnot.

There’s pretty much no reason to get the OG model at this point.