Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


So not only did Belgium declare lootboxes as gambling, Hawaii has too. And has been in talks with other states about legislation on 'em.


That awkward moment when your pay-to-win scheme is so deviant that it prompts the creation of state and national legislature.


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Hmmmm…I don’t know about this…

Game Industry has prided itself for awhile on not needing to be gov’t regulated and have done a good job keeping them out…I feel this could potentially lead to other things if they get involved.


Dunno where else to talk about this but this is the video game thread I guess.
So I’ve got one of those SNES classic minis that got released recently, and even though I had a SNES as a kid, I never owned Yoshi’s Island because I was on the Playstation already if I remember correctly.

So I’ve started playing that game, and it’s pure fucking game design genius.
I’ve played all kinds of Mario games, from SM1-3 to the first 2 GameBoy titles as well as Mario 64 and New SMB, but Yoshi’s Island sticks out to me as the very best I’ve played so far.

I’ve always been annoyed with the time limit that a lot of Mario games present to the player, while having massive stages with goodies hidden all over that you just want to explore, but you can’t because you don’t have enough time.
In Yoshi’s Island though, you are openly encouraged to do just that. The way secrets are hidden and the game is taught to you through gameplay is hella great so far, and even though I’ve just beaten the first 5 levels, because I had to 100% them, I’m already looking forward to beating this game and I feel like the investment of 100 bucks for the console was worth it (regardless of cheaper or free options to attain the games on it).

It’s amazing how well this game aged and how ahead of the curve it was back then, that it’s still so great in terms of game design today.

Other shit I revere from back in the day, even Secret of Mana which still is charming but has a lot of problems, doesn’t hold up nearly as much.


One wonders though, what does this mean for other forms of entertainment that have similar forms of random chance? Stuff like gashapon toys, blind box toys, and of course, CCGs.

Now, you could say that the difference is that you can sell stuff from CCGs like MTG, toys, etc. However, that really doesn’t address the whole gambling aspect, and the fact that you can make money off it makes it even more like gambling. Heck, PUBG lets you sell skins from lootboxes on the Steam marketplace, and people actually do gamble with them, and there are now even actual gambling sites for PUBG skins.

It’s more about EA’s size and the fact that it’s Star Wars that’s gotten the attention of governments.

We’ve arguably seen scummier lootbox systems. I mean, Valve actually requires you to pay for keys to open lootboxes in CS:GO. And people have made a killing on actually gambling with those.


Best post you ever made.

And it is about the best 2D platformer of all time.

Not even Nintendo could replicate its perfection.

Not even with its own sequels.


I remember looking into this a while back, and stumbling across a link to a oNeFAG thread where pretty much the entire forum was sucking off the industry, defending lootbox shit.

Hahahahaha, hohohohoho, heeheeheeheehee, et cetera, resetera… losers.


Sounds like Capcom with on-disc DLC in SFxT even though ArcSys and SNK were doing it already with Blazblue and KOF13.


SFxT was more about the number, and the timing.

EA is more about the franchise in question, which is Star Wars, something a lot of kids are bound to get into. Which is why it’s drawing attention from legislators.

Nobody was really paying attention when it was Valve charging people for keys to unlock crates. The only controversy there was about third parties making money off it via actual gambling.


By the end of that game though, baby Mario crying is going to drive you fucking nuts, if you’re not already at that point.


According to this Wall Street analyst, gamers are overacting to Battlefront 2, they are underpaying for the content the game provides, and publishers should raise prices


You’re gonna have to explain this one to me.


That already pisses me off right now and I’m still in the first world.
I’d rather have good old 1-hit kills than having to deal with that shit.
The game makes it rather easy to forgive that annoyance though.

Thinking about that shit. Damn the low health warnings in the Metroid and Zelda series…
I think we got pattern here. That Miyamoto guy, really likes to torture people with annoying sounds when they fuck up.


Shit like this are why Indie games are becoming more and more mainstream while AAA titles continue to fall off. These big budget are getting too rich for our blood, and asking people to pay so much money just to get a somewhat full experience is ridiculous.

With DLC characters, you can at least pick out the one you want the most and gradually work your way towards the others as funds come in and curiosity reaches its peak after learning the rest of the cast. From what I’m reading about BF2, it’s pretty much “pay extra or you will die.” NBA2K is like that too with MyPlayer: it’s almost impossible to do Career Mode unless you shell out an extra $30 on release to get the VC you need to level them up just to play through the levels at a reasonable pace.


Of course Wall Street would say gamers are overreacting. It’s costing them money. They flat out say EA’s stock has dropped 10% since the fiasco.


free Viera theme and new art available on NA PSN


got FF HD type 0 for 10 Euros
what a steal
but that game is hella hard for a FF game


Cover for Hokuto Ga Gotoku. Cool they got Tetsuo Hara to design the cover. Not sure about dat forearm though.


Phil Spencer recently said that development work on 1st party games have started. I saw on other forums, about how people said why did MS wait to late to prioritize that and release a “new” console instead of games, and people were damage controlling tf outta it. 4 years in and their big 1st party releases have been their big 3, KI, and Quantum Break. Cmon now. Plus assuming these are AAA games they are working out, they prob wont be out until 2019-2020. Yikes

But him saying this shit is a broke record, so I’ll believe it when I see it.