Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


sooo…this showed up

pretty sure at this point that the rumor just needs official confirmation now.


What a fucking weird cross over lol.
If it’s looks good though I’ll buy it.


if a new onimusha or project justice shows up, i just might get hyped up lolol






You know what

Didn’t expect the rabbids style to fit in with Mario as much as it is right now.


The one dressed as peach taking a selfie is my favorite


So this is the stage Mario RPGs are at now, huh?


there hasnt been a bad mario rpg game.
i say wait and see


I’m angry that this is the crossover that gets be a game I would want to play over the Sonic ones. Fuck life


You think they aren’t going to reveal Mario and Sonic: Battle for…

I’ve said too much. Wait for next years E3.




Sticker Star


I see Mario and company have arm cannons.

It’s like they know…


sticker star isnt an rpg. its barely a game


More leaked slides of the mario rabbids game


Sticker Star isn’t even the only one.


Mario and Rabbids crossover game?

Also the best comment from that article Sonic Human posted the link of



Im guessing the latest mario and luigi counts as well

Superstar saga and Bowsers inside story are top notch tho


Paper Jam was great.