Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Looks like the guy responsible for the swatting got charged with involuntary manslaughter



i think it got enough awards

i was so salty i hid it on facebook so i wouldn’t get into a stupid argument. It even won best OST, when has anyone even mentioned Horizon’s sound track.


Fuck that dude. Hope he enjoys his new apartment and roomate.


dudes getting a slap on the wrist of 32 months at MAX. this was a grown ass man calling a trained team of killers on an innocent person.

apparently you get away easily with intentionally putting somebody in mortal danger if “it was just a prank bro” fucking christ.


According to Rolling Stone article the involuntary manslaughter charge can be between 32-136 months. Various factors like priors will determine how long his sentence will be. Since they are also investigating other swatting cases with the same guy he can get a longer sentence.


oh thank goodness. we need to make sure these assholes understand there’s consequences to their actions. the possibility of people dying was always an there and i don’t think a fatality alone will stop these nut jobs.


Have you ever had faith in these awards to really honor the games that deserve praise?
Also of note, that weird indie game Yume Nikki got ported to Steam. I know @Davidstar cares.


Most of the stuff it wins I’m fine with…winning best OST though?

Almost feels like they were trying to make up for TGA


Horizon, Uncharted and Destiny 2 beating out Sonic Mania, Nier and Persona 5 for best OST? Fuck out of here. This is some grade A BS.


“US” “PlayStation” “Blog” “Awards”

Lol @ expecting anything made in Japan to win anything.


Are you not supposed to be a mindless & impartial sales drone, @Tyrone? No ones pays a crap about your opinion when you’re on the clock in a blue on black dresscode. Don’t forget the customers > you. No offence, that’s just business.


When I’m on the clock, my opinion is all that matters. You come in looking for advice or assistance, and I’m the one put in place to provide it. Don’t want it? Google is right there.

I don’t get paid commission, so I talk shit about whatever I wanna talk shit about to whoever I want. You should see the Bible-level Samsung vs Apple arguments we have in that place. Managers ran to the break room one time because they thought there was a fight :rofl:.


Tyrone, you’re a mobile associate aren’t you? Those dudes don’t answer to anyone at Best Buy, lol.


All the flavors to choose and you all choose salty.

Are we really having a console war in here? With all these 30 year old dudes here?


But any way I got my pre-owned XB1 from GameStop last year. It’s fifty $ less than the competition and you simply need to understand some peeps are #teambillgates.

A small anecdote about this is when I requested an M rated title at Gamestop, and home boi cutely states I don’t look eighteen so he asks for I.D.
It wasn’t too long ago when I was doing “Inspection arms” and sprinting across a parade deck by a 50 cent lookalike with a smokey the bear hat, and turned twenty one. Problem is I don’t have it. The sale was refused. Thinking quickly, I decided to enter Best Buy the next block over and made transaction on said game without fault Lol. I ain’t playing


I linked the wrong track in my last post guyz

Yeah, everyone knows the Wii U is the best console evr neway namingway

OPTIC BRAST the competition


Yea, lol. It’s pretty similar for Appliances. Both are specialty/complex sales. Literally no one can do our jobs but us.


Funnily enuff its the same guy that sold me the console in addition to a 17+ game prior :wonder:


Xbone Fans.

I seriously know people who with every new revision or model buys a New Xbox 360 and later a new Xbox One.

Be honest, I was sorta on the fence about it, I want Scalebound but not a Xbone.
I was hoping for a Steam PC release of the game.

What Console war? Almost everyone agrees the Xbone sucks major skull.

Anyone who loved old school 2D Zelda and similar adventure games would like it.
The meta humor is like icing on the cake

I think the fact you served would be more than enough for me.
If I was the clerk and you were in uniform I would take it as if your old enough to die for this country, you could handle a M rated game.

Also if I ever was a liquor store clerk or sold cigarettes, I would never card someone in their dress or service uniform rightfully wearing a medal of honor.
Shit, if you are a living recipient of a medal of honor that means more to me that you have a right to alcohol than your date of birth.


So I was going to starts Persoan 5 today but decided to get drunk instead. Should I play P5 or FF15 tomorrow?

It has been a ;ong time since I have played a RPG.