Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Who the flying fuck are you?

And why do you thin to assume you know me?

And I am at the age where I do what ever the hell I want, I am born in 1980 and probability old enough to be your father.

As for games ? You want to talking about what you think I play?

Here a screen grab of my Steam window as I opened it.

Think twice before calling someone out you know nothing about Junior.


Didn’t occur to me retailers may do screenings to enact their policy of selling games by guidelines to ESRB. Early Childhood levels of fuck dat.

Deem the rating :

Say, don’t tell us you elevated to the corporate voice of authority & reason?

Sig amended.


Thinking the exact same thing after the anime comment, haha.

This DBFZ beta is GOAT. DLs fast only to keep telling me that servers are undergoing maintenance.


Swedish Chef’s Final 2017 ost tier list. (No order in tiers)
Note: If it’s not on here I probably didn’t play it.


BECOME AS GODS: Nier Automata.

Top tier: A Hat in Time, Persona 5, Xenoblade 2.

Top but largely remixes: Sonic Mania.

Very High: Mario Odyssey.

Very High but almost all remixes: Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment, The End is Nigh.

High: Cuphead (really well done but largely unmemorable sans King Dice), Tekken 7 (largely really good but has some tracks that are BAD), Zelda BOTW (really good when there actually is music), Nidhogg 2.

DISQUALIFIED (not really 2017): Yakuza 0 (would be top), Kiwami (would be very high but almost all remixes).


Well, at the end of the day, I guess games are a hobby to me, it’s life for some others.


That is FaceMeAndSeeRage, guys. Banned for a year, still lurking and posting on an alt. :rofl:

DiegoElFuego in ze video link he posted. SOUND FAMILIAR? @DANZAN :wink:

[quote=“RudeAwakening, post:400, topic:182399”]


Wow it really is him. Sup diego u fukin nub :rofl:


Yeah games aren’t life until you defend thy honor by posting up a gun.


Gods Garden streaming DBFZ


wait how is this a problem? I wish less 13 year olds played the games I did you know how fucking annoying it is to go on with mics and hear little kids ESPECIALLY if they’re useful then it’s like “sorry little Timmy you’re super nice and that call out stopped me from dying but your voice is killing me”


I see that facemypoverty still has a shit taste and dumb opinions as usual.



Yeah diego that oughta show ppl. Good shit


Every year a new embodiment of taste cancer is born


Yeah totally serial. Super serial, you have to let peeps know how big your ePeen is and let them know you are no scrub by posting your 9mm.


Diego is back?


FaceMeAndSeeHondaCivic out here like “between your faith and my glock 9 millimeter, I take my glock”



Half the goddamn roster is DLC… This is Capcom levels of fuckery.



Sorry Po

Arcsys owns my soul now

And they put Makoto in the base roster

I must


ArcSys release too many games… I own a few but I can’t keep up with them all.

I’ll probably get DLC fighter Z though.