Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


I bet Spyro RE Trilogy will have the same conditions as Crash RE Trilogy:

  1. Start out to be released ON PS4 at $40 as usual + Discounts around certain events
  2. FREE First Week DLC before becoming paid
  3. Will be ported Switch & PC on certain future year soon

Yet speaking of Activision on reviving Spyro Trilogy, still no news on when Activision & Marvel patching Marvel Ultimate Alliance RE 3rd time to fix other bug/“glitch” problems (some gameplay file errors still the same previous port’s latest update (mostly MUA1 on its GE update), & PC ver. still missing other light effect settings that can be turned on/off & broken control UIs (such as the keyboard config on certain buttons), incl. in-game controller config from OR MUA1 PC), including missing MUA1’s PSP/unused Wii exclusives. Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, & Ant-Man & the Wasp promo ads should be a perfect time for MUARE (along the announcement of MvCI Season 2) to get up to date


Especially year of the dragon

I’ll see myself out


Same we think about the Bayonetta collection trailer


Do you guys enjoy this generation more or did you enjoy last-gen more? There are rumors floating around that the PS5 will release in 2020 and that sounds believable to me. Thing is, I still feel like this gen has barely started.

I like last-gen a hell of a lot more than this one so far. Way more action games including FOUR Ninja Gaiden games, DMC4, Bayo, and a bunch of others like Splatterhouse and The Force Unleashed II. There are almost no new action games this gen outside of some re-releases. Outside of DOOM and Wolfenstein I enjoyed last-gens FPS games more as well, especially the multiplayer. Killzone 2 AKA Thrillzone 2 and Section 8: Prejudice were amazing, amazing games for MP. There were a ton more third-person shooters last-gen too, from the Dead to Rights reimagining, to Max Payne 3 and Vanquish and a hell of a lot more. Way more arcade racers too.

Maybe I’m a bit biased because my favorite genres were better represented last-gen but when I compare this gens library to last-gens as a whole I don’t think so.


Next new gen can slow down. Let everyone get into 4k more before going forward. Still a lot to do this gen. This gen so far is going well but still so much more to push and do.


TMNT are out for Injustice. You can try them out for free for a week


This gen started with way too many remakes of last gen, and really when it comes to consoles, we knew they were coming in underpowered at the time. It took until 2015-2016 for this to even begin feeling like a seperate gen from last. Last gen can also do most of the fidelity this gen offers. They literally had to make a .5 gen to move forward. Last gen, the earilest games looked way better than PS2/XBOX games, minus a few early PS3 ports of games. But even Fight Night 3 was pretty early and those graphics weren’t happening on PS2.

Game wise, I do have more favorites last gen as well. Way more. This gen is okay, but 2 of my heavily played games, were GTA Online and Skyrim, which are enhanced last gen games as well. As I posted, I thought last year was dry as fuck, except Tekken and Horizon. And even though I buy a lot of fighters, I don’t even end up putting the time in them, so Tekken has barely been played.


If Ubisoft would get rid of stupid fucking Uplay I might consider buying one of their games on STEAM.


My review of Sonic Mania. Glad it’s finally out of the way, give it a watch if you’ve got five minutes. Working on a DBFZ one next. :tup:


THQ Nordic buys Koch Media

Videogamedunkey - Shadow of the Colossus

Semi serious


This reminds me of an odd thing I’ve noticed with most people…they don’t or won’t recognize greatness WHILE it is going on for some reason…like they need time to reflect, I guess… at least in my opinion, I don’t think it’s necessary to wait until years have passed by to say “y’know what? that was the best time…” or best whatever. There’s others who are basically slaves to nostalgia as well…so they would never see anything being better than the SNES/Genesis era or the “Regular NES” 8-bit era… which seems a bit silly to me… it’s like the movie buffs out there that think nothing past the late '70s can be considered great or even worth of a “Greatest ___ of All Time” ranking. For me, it’s going to be tough for things to top what was going on in the 360/PS3 era, and I was of that opinion while the shit was going on. I was having way more fun in that “era” compared to even the legendary 16-bit days (the previous champ). This gen still hasn’t done it yet for sure…there’s a couple of great things and that’s it. Sheeeeit, last gen was the debut of my honey Bayonetta & Jeanne. That alone is huge.


Yeah. The PS3 era was pretty damn good to me. It took a couple years after the PS4 launched before I even THOUGHT about getting one.


Likewise. I’ve been slow to get new consoles as they hit since the turn of the millennium, actually; there needs to be a very special game to draw me in.


I agree with Sonicabid too, at least about the PS4. We’re just starting to see it hit its stride with games like Horizon Zero Dawn. Unless they’re bumping up against power limits, I’d hold off on releasing the next Playstation. The only real competition they have is from Nintendo. The XBox exclusive situation is a joke. Let PS4 build up its library some more.


Sony has no competition


Apparently Dynasty Warriors 9 has been getting a really woeful reception from fans of the series and musou games in general.

While there are many reasons that can explain how it turned out as such a poor product I believe that the main reason for it’s failings is that Affinity fucking cursed it by constantly shilling it on here.


Don’t let her see you say that you don’t like it or she’ll write up a (terribly written) college paper on how wrong your opinion is.


I haven’t ever played a Dynasty Warriors game, nor have I been a graphics whore at any point in my life. But you know it’s bad when a PS4 game has PS2 graphics.


I hear how the game’s world is a complete detriment to the game. It’s just lots of empty space.


This game will have no microtransactions…cool.

I read that Relic will no longer support Dawn of War 3 because it failed expectations…fuck you Relic.
You turned DoW3 into a damn MOBA…what did you expect?

This and Dynasty Warriors 9 is really making me regret doing Day One buys.

Please don’t give Saner the credit…