Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


There’s interviews of her saying such? Why you gotta hate on one of the biggest supporters of this medium


Aisha Tyler seems pretty cool. She was used terribly last year though.


One thing’s for sure - she’s MILES ahead of this fucking guy…

Thank god I have no memory of this press conference


Footage of Monster Hunter XX on Switch would nice, but I’m guessing that will be at TGS instead?


Kingdom Hearts 3, FF7R planned for release within next 3 years or so



So Kh3 for ps5 lol


Gaf has put up their gif thread




Do I need to bring out the square enix cycle of development?


The only good thing that ever comes from them, tbh.


LMAO, this one is new (for me)

Edit 2

This one is for @“po pimpus”



And a classic


Makes the wait for KH2 seem like it was run by Usain Bolt.


Biggest tragedy of the Gif thread this year is that this gif has to be retired.


Eh just change the text to say “Where the he’ll is Beyond Good and Evil 2?” and you get to keep the gif.

Fucking vaporware.


I thought that was confirmed canceled at some point.


That or KH3


SE plans to keep the tradition of putting out games that they started with FFXV.
so nice.


No its coming. Michael Ancel said they hope to reveal the game this year…just don’t know if it will be at E3 or not.


Shenmue 3 won’t be at e3


Huber confirmed to be on sudoku watch.