Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!

You need a feature to ignore someone? You can’t just … you know … ignore them?

Not with that av! :joy:


Link to this? If that is the case I’ll change it. I’m not saying you are lying, but I find it hard to believe someone on a video game forum dedicated to fighting games that are flashy as shit had a seizure due to an avatar.

Okay I changed it due to possible seizures.

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That new av’s adorable

Razor got roasted hard for this one.


So what’s everyone got coming down the pipeline? I just preordered a bunch of games on amazon and my summer is looking good.

march is kirby star allies and ni no kuni II (with hard cover strategy guide!)
april is god of war (with hard bound strategy guide!)
may is dkc tropical freeze, hyrule warriors definitive edition, and dragon crown pro
june is mario tennis aces
july is captain toad treasure tracker and octopath traveler (fuck nintendo for releasing them both on the some day)

plus e3 is only 3 months away, who knows what sony and nintendo will announce.

I completely forgot about Ni No Kumi II. It’s been delayed so often it slipped out of my mind. Time to make use of my Amazon credit and get it for half off.

the 23rd! i’m super stoked.

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God of War is the only game I have preordered. I’m probably going to be picking up some of those Switch games too, and possibly Mario Aces and Crash Trilogy.

Typically at previous E3’s I’d completely skip the PSVR part like I’d do with DS and Vita stuff, but this time, that’s probably what I’ll be paying most attention to.

man, don’t even remind me how many games are coming out the next few months; I need to stop playing R6 Siege, DBFZ and MH:W and start focusing more on my huge single player game backlog dating back to early 2016

March: Detective Pikachu, Ni No Kuni 2, Devil May Cry HD Collection (out today)
April: Yakuza 6
May: Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (?)
June: Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Hopefully the HD re-releases of DMC are a sign that DMCV is being revealed at E3 this year.

oh yeah i forgot about street fighter 30th anniversary collection.

fuuuuck. it’ll be so good to play 3s again.


Not new, but Im getting the Injustice 2 GOTY edition on March 27 solely for TMNT lol.

And SF Anniversary. whenever it comes out I havent played a Capcom fighting game in a 1.5 years.

I havent played any games since Thanksgiving last year. (Uncharted: Lost Legacy)
Xmas/ then my dad’s surgery,then busy with school/work.
I only recently started watching Netflix due to Voltron S5 coming out lol

so affinity couldnt log back in huh?

Don’t jinx it, you FOOL!


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Haven’t seen anything officially from MS but someone is saying their E3 conference will be Sunday

Noctis Release Date 20.03.18


Genesis collection 99% confirmed for ps4 and xbone

The pickle monster cometh in monster hunter world dlc

rumors from resetera say Fromsoft’s Shadows Die Twice may be a spiritual successor or sequel to kuan to an old survival horror game.

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