Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Who owns the Scalebound IP? I thought it was MS, but I could be wrong.

And we will absolutely see something for Vanquish this time around.


Cuphead is an indie game so M$ can’t cancel it.


This is MS we’re talking about… They could find a way.


I don’t have any predictions, just hopes for what we will see, and at the top of that list of hopes is Cyberpunk 2077.


It’s coming to Steam, and I think GoG?
For sure Steam since it’s in all the trailers for it that show the systems it’s coming to.

MS owns the Scalebound IP. P* has yet to own any of their games they have developed.


In for Dmc5 announcement…


In for Last of Us 2 and Pokenews.

Also in for everyone’s favorite game show, Stupid Things Po Says.


Red Ded 2, pls.


Riding high on Persona 5 I want to know more about the Shin Megami Tensei game coming to the Switch.


DMC5 trailer plays

Everyone: fuck yeah!

Po: goddammit Dante’s coat was the wrong shade of red fuck capcom


potential leaker is saying KH3 will show up at E3 and will be out by 2018 whether its finished or not. the date is not unrealistic and after the hell they went through with FF15 i can easily see SE putting their foot down on Nomura.


I predict capcom is gonna bring back mml3


Capcpom would fuck up more than the color of Dante’s coat…


Pah KH3…I’ll believe it when I see a physical copy in store.


Last Guardian is still vaporware to me damn it!


Duke Nukem Forever never came out and if you say it did you’re fucking lying.


Well…might as well get my hopes in a pot…

Soul Calibur 6
Resident Evil 2 RE-Make
Capcom Classics HD collection
Evil Within 2
Sunset Overdrive 2
Days Gone (new trailer/gameplay)
Last Of Us 2 (new trailer)
Fromsoft new title

just because I believe in miracles


Non shitty Metroid.

All I want is a non shitty Metroid.


Do you really want a DMC5 with how easier Capcom has been making their games tho?

Most of the appeal of that series is all the hidden (and often difficult) techniques.


That was all arbitrary execution barriers though.