Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Looks like Mario Odyssey has received visual improvements from the earlier builds showcased.

Somewhat unsurprising since the earlier playable builds were still a work in progress that had some noticeable frame drops and visual issues relating to draw distance. Still though even back then it looked awesome and now it looks even better.
Looks like the textures and lighting have been improved and Peach has a new model (her old model was almost certainly a placeholder since Tiara is absent).


I really do hate Princess Peach. Just one of the most uninteresting, overrated “Icons” in gaming.
She’s just a huge nothing. Whenever you see her on screen you know that your time is about to be wasted. She’s going to go “Oh? Oh!” and then a more interesting character is going to come in and do an actual something.

She was cool in Paper Mario when she was cheating on Mario with that computer, but other than that she’s almost always straight trash. She is as close to nothing as something can be and it makes me angry that people actually like her. That they had the balls to waste 3 character slots in Mario Kart 8 on her. My god I’m fucking salty about that lmao


Niconico page for Atlus TGS 2017 livestream:

official site:


Niconico page for Atlus TGS 2017 livestream:

official site:


Niconico page for Atlus TGS 2017 livestream:

official site:


That is CERTAINLY worth the triple post


Doom on the switch?




More Dragon’s Crown pleases me greatly, need to get my backstab on with the elf again and my PS3 sounds like a jet engine taking off these days.


if you die, its mandatory to find and retrieve your body…or you lose those hella valuable chips man. i fear death in this game because if you die trying to retrieve your body you lose those chips. which hppened to me before. more than once.


Really would have preferred a Muramasa remake. this works just fine on my PS3 but I really don’t like using that mess of wires called a Vita tv.


if you dont have or ever played or have no interest in playing the first Nier game…and you wanna play Nier Automata, not its necessary since its not, but i recommend you watch a full playthrough of Nier.
i recommend the best friends playthrough of it because they talk alot about interesting things regarding it.

the reason i watched the full playthrough is because i dont own a console. my lst console was the ps2.
and i wont ever buy a console ever again.
since Nier isnt on pc. had to watch the playthrough. this playthrough is one of the best ive seen, and og Nier is a great game. fabulous story.
but watch the full best friends playthrough, 33 eps 1/2 hour each ep. its compelling, engaging. and very entertaining.
but the reason you should watch…not just to understand wtf is going on in Nier Automata better, but because the dudes talking about the game and all the things that correlates to it and what not.
you’ll see what discussions and deep thoughts it causes.
for example, they mention how 9/11 terrorist attack inspired the game’s writer to write the Nier story.
there is a connection to Nier and 9/11.
watch the vids and you’ll find out how and why.
this playthrough is what realy caused me to buy Nier Automata.
yes i love platinum games…but its the mind blowing story of the first nier that made me thirst for automata.
watch the playthrough beginning to end and watch the 4 different endings and you’ll see things more clearly when you play Automata.
not necessary but it helps shed more light into the Automata world.
the 1st Nier has 4 endings. and its mind blowing.

damn i wish Nier was on pc. but anyway…the playthrough is the best ive ever seen of any playthrough.

but the reason why reviewers are calling Automata a masterpiece is because platinum who makes great action, hooked up with Cavia/enix and Yoko Taro when Taro was feeling extremely inspired. Again…9/11 is huge in influence on Nier
everything came together and made the perfect storm.

lol. im trying my best not to spoiler.
i cant stop thinking about Automata’s story.


I might try it later. Unfortunately by the time they released that I had a vitriolic hatred of the game and couldn’t stand to see Liam praise it.


Playin Octopath Traveller demo now.
Challenge Path Action as Olberc is hilarious, it turns him into Russell Crowe, this fucker just wants to fight everyone. Doesn’t matter if it’s a guard, the head of a village or a a kids mom Olberc will fight you.


I really wish we could install Doom MP separately, I don’t give a fuck about that yet it wastes like 50 gigs on my hdd


I am hype for dragons crown, I wonder if there will be a way to transfer your PS3 saves, because if not, I had better get grinding.


Omg Nephenee.



Dammit, I thought she got announced for Warriors…


Yo is Divinity OS 2 $44.99 because it’s still in early access or what? Cuz if it becomes full price once it fully unlocks in a few hours, I’m gonna buy it now.