Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Since I am the best at predicting everything.

This year

Capcom announces DMC5

Sega announces a new jet set radio

Shenmue 3 gets a release date

FFVII Remake gets a release date

Capcom announces Capcom vs SNK 3. Original Dev team developing.

Namco announces Soul Calibur 6.

Nintendo announces SSBM2. Wavedashing and L canceling removed. Fanbase told to go fuck themselves.

Bayonetta gets a crossover in DMC5. She has her own playable what if story. (shes secretly in love with dante in the game and hides it by insulting him, but is concerned for him when he is hurt)

Mario Oddessy revealed more

Microsoft announces a new battletoads

Capcom announces that ArcSys is developing Darkstalkers 4, with a disney animator to make sure they don’t fuck up key frames and animation principles.

Konami says sorry to Kojima. Develops P.T.

Sega announces crazy taxi 4, with a crazy online battle mode

Dragon’s Dogma 2 announced.

Capcom announces that the DLC was fake and all 6 characters are in the game.

MvC2 gets a re-re-rerelease. Arcade Perfect. Online Perfect.

Viewtiful Joe sequel announced, featuring Bayonetta from the Bayonetta series.


I’m hoping we get more info about Days Gone.


Ugh, I’ll have to defend my diploma during E3 -_-

Hopefully I’ll be free right on June 10th so I can dive deep into the press conferences


I hope there will be news about the Vampyr game.


Cool. I have mondays off so I’ll be able to watch the sony E3 stream. Hopefully Nintendos E3 Direct will be on a day I’m off too.


My E3 Perdictions

Nintendo will not show and instead of during E3 will have their own online showcase.

Microsoft forgets the Xbox One is supposed to play games and instead focuses on shit no one cares about, now 4 years running

Sony Steals the Show unless Nintendo Do another BOTW (despite Nindy not being their)

Bethesda got something cooking

And fuck EA, and Ubisoft, no one cares


I can’t wait to get salty at Nintendo even if they have a great showcase because either F-Zero, Metroid and/or Mother 3 no show again.


Shenmue 3
Yakuza Kiwami 2
Persona 7 teaser
Final fantasy XV-2
Onimusha 1 remake
Dino crisis 1 remake
Whatever Zoolander last shilled (hahah)
Random nintendo IP developed by Ninja theory


I want info on the new Spider-Man. It ain’t right how we were left starving for a year.


I want a third person Metroid in the vein of BotW…just without weapon durability.

I’m looking for:

Switch announcements
Shenmue 3

Anything else to blow my mind.

I’ll be laughing at:

Nintendo’s online details


Hype Hype Hype


You don’t really need to predict that Nintendo isn’t showing, they already said they aren’t doing a conference this year and I think we all know that they aren’t going to do an E3 conference ever again because they have absolutely no need to do so.


We in there. Let’s hope more live Orchestra for things.


I have no reason to expect it, but I’m hoping for a new Chrono game. :s


MY obligatary “please have a Socom game like Socom 2 and Socom confrontation and not like that abomination Socom 4”. Not going to happen but E3 is where the dreamers are.


Tekken x Street Fighter, will it happen this year? Some people say yes because it’ll be after Tekken 7 but I’ve heard that one before.


that sure sounds like a great way to cannibalize their Tekken 7 sales.

also again there is no proof NG4 is in development. the first statement was refrencing Nioh, and they later said "we aren’t working on it we will think of new ideas and visit the IP some other time.

that said im expecting something, KT said they’re expecting record sales next year and even if DW9 is open world i don’t think it would be that impressive sales wise. Dissidia has been sited to be lacking man power so i don’t know if they can Spare any of the Team Ninja guys to make a new DOA6 or something else although with Tekken 7 coming out this would be the perfect time for them to so since their biggest competitor would be out of their launch window.


So what are the suspects of the rumormill now?

FF7R got announced
Shenmue 3 got announced
Kingdom Hearts 3 got announced
The Last Guardian actually came out
Final Fantasy XV actually came out

Which games besides Devil May Cry (seriously DMC5 is being “rumored” every god damn year since this generation started) haven’t gotten a sequel in a while?

I kinda doubt we’re getting a new Soulsborne game anytime soon
Resistance 4 rumor seems shady at best since Insomniac is busy with Spider-Man
It’s unlikely for a new Ratchet & Clank or Jak & Daxter to happen (again - Insomniac are busy with Spidey and Nauhty Dog got their hands thied with Unch and TLOU2)
Platinum Games are working on like 12 new games at the moment
It’s too early for any new Final Fantasy announcements besides new DLC episodes for XV
Blizzard doesn’t really visit E3 so Diablo 4 isn’t happening
2K apparently doesn’t have Borderlands 3 as a part of their confirmed games lineup for E3 (and we know Gearbox is working on that already)
Darksiders III just got announced and is in too early of a stage to be showcased publicly at a big event
Destiny 2 also got revealed last month and is getting a gameplay demo in like a couple of weeks
It’s also too early for anything Mafia related
Rockstar are busy with Red Dead Redemption 2

I guess Dead Island 2 might make an appearance? The devs said that game is apparently still happening
Assassin’s Creed should be revealed as well
It’s been a while since we heard anything about WILD (that weird Ubisoft game by the creator of Beyond Good & Evil)
EA will probably showcase the new Need for Speed game

Anything else?


That Sony zombie game showcased last year… also more GoW and dynasty warriors 9

Also death stranding


Oh yeah, Days Gone