Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


We are at an interesting time where AAA gaming budgets can’t really support a 60 dollar pricetag, but gamers seem unwilling to spend more than that unless they get some really nice goodies at that price point. I have played some great small studio games on steam and have seen those same games break into the PS4 market.


I am sure that i am older than you brat, so sit your five dollar shited diaper wearing ass down before I make change of it.


He’s talking about the perceived fighting game “dark age” from like 03-09. Stop jumping the gun.


Or you know, they could scale back a bit, and make a few more Sonic Manias to fund the Sonic Forces and actually take time and do it right so people don’t feel cheated spending $60 on a pretty paperweight…

No one has any problem shelling out 20-40 bucks for a well-made small budget title.


Dang, it seems like people actually like the new Marvel. I might actually give it a try. Maybe if enough people support it it will show Capcom that we still care and inspire them to keep making great games!


Didn’t you skip on Axiom Verge and Hyper Light Drifter?


This makes sense. If done right I would play the shit out of some budget titles.
Hell some of the older gaming companies can do (not computations) but ports of their old stuff
Like what Sega tried to do with their AGES PS2 lineup that for some reason they fuckered up and lost traction.

I would so drop $20 or so for a Sega PS4 port of Panzer Dragoon or OutRun


I sure did. Because they aren’t up my alley.

I only like the Metroid style in Metroid, and select Castlevanias, and I can’t tell what the fuck is going on HLD… It’s too pixelated


Axiom Verge is really good.


Man shut the fuck up with this pretentious ass rhetoric. We get it, your hate boner for Capcom is even bigger than the one you get watching underage anime tiddy.

Meanwhile, this same dude is gonna turn around and spend $3.99 on some questionable ass bullshit costume like this:

Fuck outta here. Ol’ “Why go outside when I’ve got every dating sim ever made” ass nigga.


I was talking with a friend about this. He was blaming mobile games/f2p games for DLC manhandling and etc in AAA games and I’m like nah that’s not it lol. I told him that sure maybe devs see how shit like League makes money and etc, but the game is already free, and its making money from possibly new players buying character packs to catch up or people choosing to spend on cosmetics.

That’s not that same as making games on bloated budgets and needing to sell $40-50 season passes to recoup costs. Season passes aren’t bad, i’m always down for more content as long as it’s appropriately priced, worth it, and doesn’t seem like purposely cut content.

But yeah devs gotta chill man, i think this is mostly a western dev problem with the bloated budgets. BOTW only needed 2mil sold to break even and from what i been gathering since that game dropped is that it’s massive af and loaded with content out the box.


This thread needs a distraction.

Here…Listen to some soothing Pokémon music!


Sorry that the truth triggers you.


And I’m sorry you think you and Po are doing anything other than free advertising for Capcom


The MCU is the hottest property going right now. You expect Marvel to not take advantage of it? I bet if Infinite was released in the 90s 2/3 of the game’s roster would be X-Men characters since that’s what dominated at the time.


Meanwhile i am here laughing at the fact that Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash is outselling MvCI


John Cena chilling at Nintendo of America.

Curious to see where this leads


A Mario-esque WWE platformer.


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Mario x Cena team up!?

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