Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


So yipes admitted to be a shill on stream? :rofl:


Shit, DSP is top 100 at ranked on MvCI :rofl:


Shit, so you play as Josh Brolin in RDR2. Also, bows.


Red Dead looks as bad as the first one.

How hype



Gravity Rush 2 online services will end

Im seeing comments that this going to lock the platinum in the process.

Switch software is apparently doing its best since '95 according to npd analyst

To be clear NPD started tracking in 95.

Itsuno appologizes for not showing his game during tgs, says game is progressing smoothly




So the SNES Classic is already hacked, apparently the same hack for the NES Classic works on the SNES Classic.


Yipes and Persia have to shill, they quit their jobs to do this.


Game Maker’s Toolkit compares how AM2R and Samus Returns handled remaking Metroid II.


dude i might foreal be rip backlog. i’ve been playing these 2 korean mmos and started FF14 today. the plus side is that on the side of these games, i can work through my single player shit, and stop buying games, minus the uhh like 3 forsure day ones im getting. the downside is money still getting spent on these bundles and deals…fuck

but yeah ff14 is crack. I remember i tried playing a realm reborn on ps3 but couldn’t download it because my internet was so shitty and it was taking too long


Forgive me for asking, but what kind of online services did the game have? Online coop?

Holding out hope for a PlayStation Experience announcment then

Both consoles are using roughly same software so it’s no wonder if it’s exact same hack. Makes the package much more appealing


The 3DS library keeps getting better and better… Monster Hunter Stories is so good. Take Pokémon, fuse it with Monster Hunter, and you get this masterpiece. It’s a turn-based RPG, but the MH universe translated incredibly well into the format. It even has online PvP, apparently? Godlike.

If you like MH, pick it up.

If you like Pokemon, pick it up.

If you like both, you should have it already.

If you don’t have a 3DS… WTF is wrong with you?




Does it have cats dressed like Mega Man and Dante?

Asking for a friend.


I hope so


Not that I’ve seen so far.

Edit: Yooooo this game got even more hype. If you have a flying monster and you go up against a flying boss, an air showdown can trigger where the loser gets knocked out of the sky, taking extra damage. There’s an equivalent for ground-based monsters too. I hope there’s a water one…


[quote=“GespenstRitter, post:8661, topic:182640”]

Game Maker’s Toolkit compares how AM2R and Samus Returns handled remaking Metroid II.


I felt this guy was overthinking the original Metroid II.


I was wary, guess I like pick it. :tup:




“Atmospheric storytelling” is always such a common buzzword when it comes to Metroid, but Mark Brown makes a strong case for it actually being present in Metroid II. You can see how compared to the original and AM2R, Samus Returns casually ignores the fact that you’re committing genocide and ruins some somber moments by placing combat sequences and stylish action in areas that it shouldn’t.

I don’t really agree with his points on the save stations though.


That post got me real excited for Marvel coming to their senses…


I feel the original Metroid II casually ignores the genocide too. Samus doesn’t bat an eye over all the killing she’s done. It didn’t seem to me she spared the baby Metroid out of guilt but because it wasn’t a threat.