Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


There’s DBZ Budokai style beam struggles, my guy.


Apparentely MvC I has sold really really bad,


Yea it did but still fun tho.


STFU 09er SCUM!!!




New 3DS xl looks dated already that screen looks too white the contrast is awful, ps vita screen shits all over this…hell I would even say the psp one is better.

And no charger?! The Fk I feel robbed


New 3DS XL or New 2DS XL?

'Cause I know the latter is pretty bad quality wise. Haven’t heard of any issues with the former.

And yeah no charger included is beyond stupid no matter what reason they give for it :bluu:

So in other words, Capcom made a better Pokemon game :smiley:


Can’t wait for new hyper turbo 3ds xl


Pokemon has had moves and abilities that cover such tactics for years now.

Capcpom can’t make a better anything.

They can’t even make a functional fighting game, and that used to be their forte.


@Hecatom it’s been driving me crazy, what’s the name of the song in this video?



Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- OST, Reunion


Whooaaaaa… Let’s not get carried away.

Edit: Note to self

The next time you see a Pink Rathian sleeping under a cherry blossom tree, leave it the fuck alone.


Well, for me at least, Pokemon died with Gen VI.

Maybe Monster Hunter Stories will revive some of that magic with me.

…or maybe I’ll just replay the Gen V games again :razz:


Samus Returns bodied me so hard when I first started. I haven’t seen the game over screen so frequently in a Metroid game in YEARS. I never got frustrated to the point of where I wanted to stop playing though. It took me some time to get used to moving and aiming with the thumb pad and using the free aim but now, battling Metroids is a lot of fun. I’m down to 24 and I just picked up the Grapple Beam.


idk if you people remember but i posted a pic of a NEW 3ds XL monster hunter edition that i got and the handheld itself was so underwhelming that i got rid of it after
having finished pokémon moon.



Won’t hurt to try. There is a R/P/S element tho. It isn’t really RNG, but I thought you might want to know.

Basically, regular attacks can be one of 3 types: Speed, Power, or Technical. Speed beats Power, Technical beats Speed, and Power beats Technical. You choose the type of attack you use, and what the opponent ends up using is based on that monster. Some will always use the same type, some use multiple (I’ve seen as much as two types so far). There might be a pattern to the ones that use multiple so you know what they’ll attack with, but I haven’t confirmed it.

My Vita had been collecting dust for years now. I don’t even know where the charger is…


Found my vita under my bed next to some dirty socks. Sold it to GS for $40. Remembered I also had a hacked pstv collecting dust under my tv because even when you get games for free there ain’t shit interesting on it…I do actually need to get back to P4 Golden at some point though…


P5 Golden is not a game.

P4 Golden is a nice game.


I wanna steal it’s Egg so bad… But I can’t kill it :cry: