Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Much of the games i wanted to play are slowly releasing relatively soon but Divinity OS 2 might take game of the year for me by a pretty large margin even then, it’s been a long time a game exceeded my expectations.

Nier’s alright, Nioh i need to go through the DLC but without it’s decent with good potential. Horizon all the way at the bottom for me, some of the worst enemy variety i’ve seen in a long time from a AAA game and almost immediately have near endgame weapons as soon as you reach the first city. Was a ‘fun in the beginning kind of game’ for me.

Yakuza 0 is solid af.


Maybe it is because I don’t see most of his/her posts but I just don’t have the hatred for Affinity some of you do. Fortnite is actually a fun game.


Why would you play Online Battlefront 2 via remote play? (or any Online for that matter)
The lag from the remote play would be unbearable.


I can.

Sonic Mania should be on the short list of GOTY candidates for performing the miracle that is putting out a great Sonic game in modern times.

The irony that it took using design philosophies from 1995 to do it should not be lost on anyone.

Now it’s time for Sonic Forces to undo all that good will…


It’s not irony. Sonic should’ve never left 2D. As much as I enjoy the Adventure games, it’s pretty easy to say that Sonic would’ve been in a much better place had they never existed. Some games could afford to branch out, Sonic was never one of them. Sure, Generations and Colors were fine…but ultimately Sonic’s home will forever be 2D and nothing else.


If you don’t think Sonic Adventure 2’s Chao Garden was the best thing to ever happen to Sonic, I don’t know what to tell you


Sonic adventure 2 is the best sonic game. Fight me.


Oh man, it’s already out?

Gonna finally cave in and get a 2DS with the next paycheck. Loved the original game.


The best thing to happen to Sonic having noting to do with collecting rings and going fast…

The age gap has never been more apparent.

I’ll never understand you kids and your DLC, Lootboxes, Monster Hunting, and Ryus that look like a roided up gorilla covered in ink…


If you old heads actually played games instead of waving your canes in the air in protest, you’d probably understand. Out here mad as fuck that it’s no longer 1987 like you were cryogenically frozen for the last 30 years.

Being angry and bitter is a choice, my friend.


The truth as been spoken.


Quoting this just so that D:OS 2 shows up more in the thread.


If the best thing to happen to a franchise is something that is essentially unrelated to the franchise’s main gameplay…that should tell you something right there.


Sonic Adventure was was a nice tech demo for a new console, but the gameplay was meh at best and at worst (Big the Cat) was just plain awful.

Chao Garden statement is like something Affinity would say. Everything that came Adventures 2 was just garbage.
And the only good thing about sonic that came out after Sonic 3 & Knuckles but before Mania was strangely the Cartoon show for Sonic Boom.


All people want out of Sonic is a copy/paste of the original games with better visuals anyway, so fuck it.


I’ll say it again, I enjoyed the Adventures, but even I can admit they and every 3D Sonic game are at best average but ultimately never really represented what Sonic was about.


Sonic Generations was good. Sonic Unleashed was half good.

Edit: The Sonic Advance games were also great.

The above two I mentioned did a good job, IMO. I’d love to hear how they didn’t aside from not being 2D.


Okay I admit the Non-werehog parts of Sonic Unleashed wasn’t bad, but a werehog really?

I feel Sega needs to let the Burst mechanic be it’s own thing and not use nostalgia or some silly gimmicks as a crutch.
Like Sonic Rush was going somewhere but the mechanic needs a some more polish but they are kneecapping it ever since.
Every game that use the mechanic since didn’t bother to work on it or work on it very much.

Advance games are good, I give you that. They brought their own thing but they also didn’t forget what work for the Genesis.


The problem with the 3D games is that Sonic Team insists on putting some kind of hackneyed gimmick in them that prevent you from running and jumping…
They are so deathly afraid of just letting the game play out naturally, that they have to add a ton of silly shit like partners, half-assed brawling, sword-fighting, to disrupt the platforming and high speed sections.

Notice the games where they keep that shit to a minimum, i.e. Generations, Colors, the parts of Adventure and Unleashed that let you run, are the games most praised by players.

It’s as if just focusing on solid platforming and multiple routes through levels that let you fly through as you learn them is what makes Sonic fun…


Honestly, even the Sonic parts pale in comparison to MOST 2D Sonic games (there are obviously some really bad outliers, being 2D isn’t an automatic slam dunk).

None of what I was saying was even referring to the non-Sonic parts of the 3D games because those go without saying.