Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!

Honestly, even the Sonic parts pale in comparison to MOST 2D Sonic games (there are obviously some really bad outliers, being 2D isn’t an automatic slam dunk).

None of what I was saying was even referring to the non-Sonic parts of the 3D games because those go without saying.

Generations is without question the GOAT 3d Sonic game. Boost Sonic is a flawless adaptation of the 2d formula. Get wrecked, adapt, optimize

Sonic can work in 3D but developers can’t grasp the idea of flow and momentum GREATLY affect sonic games

I don’t even think it’s fair to compare divinity os2 to normal console games lol. Especially given the fact that you can make your own campaigns in it and dudes are rushing to churn content out for it which equals a hell of a lot of replay value. I can see some one modding this for pvp and having parties going against each other. So many possiblities with this game.

Po talking about GotY when he has definitely only played BotW and ARMS all year.

You think shit like No Man’s Sky and DmC are “good games”…

Sit your five dollar ass down.

You didn’t deny his claims, though…

“Sonic should have never left 2D.”

But then “oh well I like these 3D Sonic games”.

Like… what?

…I guess I touched a nerve :sweat:

I dunno. I just didn’t find Sonic Mania’s levels fun to get through and I didn’t like any of the boss fights. Unless I played Tails and flew around but that kinda defeats the point of learning the level.

So far I’ve enjoyed Freedom Planet more as a Sonic game.

Of the game’s I’ve played this year, Zelda and Horizon are the clear front runners. Persona isn’t my kind of game, and I haven’t played enough of NieR to make a fair judgement.
I haven’t played Divinity: OS 2 (and since you gush over it, I probably won’t, lol)

So, IN MY PERSONAL OPINION (read that again, so you understand), I’d say Zelda wins out due to its beautiful artsyle and radical departure from Zelda norms while keeping the spirit of the series intact. Horizon comes close, but I caught myself legit smiling more times during my playthroughs of Zelda.

This is all moot anyway, seeing as how the year isn’t over and theres still a certain game starring a certain Italian-American on the way…

I also find it funny that someone who celebrates indie games has had nothing to say about the old-school brilliance that is Cuphead, or spoken about Sonic Mania and Samus Returns beyond the fact they aren’t pixelated rip offs made by some indie douche. Not to mention Blaster Master Zero and Mighty Gunvolt…

…Oh wait. Those last three are exclusive to Nintendo, so fuck 'em, right?

You don’t play anything, so you have no idea what’s good and what’s not. Have you played Persona? Or Neir? How bout NioH? Oh, just Splatoon 2? (which by the way, a couple years ago your dumb ass scoffed at my idea of Nintendo putting out their take on the shooter genre…I win again you dumb prick)

Shut all the way the fuck up.

Game of all the years right here and it’s fully endorsed by stickyjam who also supports stealthing.

I think this game is actually a stealthing simulator as seen in this video below.

Because one can only like impeccable games? I can like a game and objectively think it’s bad.

I like how halfway through that video it switches to Horizon Zero Dawn.

Oh snap these dudes have ANOTHER Persona game coming out? And a little treat for @“The Martian” ???

If you’re still using that potato that can’t even run Melty Blood, you’re not playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 anyway. Which is too bad, since given your love of BoTW, you clearly love open-endedness, creative freedom, environmental interaction, and not being told exactly where to go or what to do.

Cuphead looks good, but it’s not a priority purchase for me at the moment. Mania is a perfect game for old-school Sonic fans, but I’m not huge into old-school Sonic; I like faster platformers like Dustforce. Samus Returns is a huge step backwards compared to the new standards set by Axiom Verge (out on Switch right now! hint hint), and it’s not even an indie game, so why is it on this list? And I’m pretty sure I already told you to play Mighty Gunvolt Burst if you’re pining for Mega Man so much.

I see it like this, being only a 50% good game does not make the end product any good.
Even colors and generations were at best a 50% good game, the garbage weighs everything else down.

They need to let their Burst Mechanic stand on its own. It needs to be more than 50% and it needs stop having nostalgia or some gimmick as a crutch.
The Burst mechanic is a good one if sega allows it to get refined and polish, but they never put effort into that.

Get the fuck out.

So I played that Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta last night. And boy let me tell you, that game is going to be complete shit. The combat system is just weird as hell. I can’t believe they actually want people to pay this $60 or $79.99(elite trooper edition) for this shit. Management had to be while overseeing this game.

Did anyone else play this? Maybe my expectations are too high-maybe I missing something…

No, seriously get the fuck out of here with that Taste Cancer.