Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!


Cap com fucked Marvel so bad they’re now trying to make everything forthcoming as bad as possible to spite the haters.


A person with feelings

Heh, those videos are still the best thing about that trash ass game and everything it brought with it.


if you have a 360 or xbone controller you should be good to go, i hear ps4 controllers have issues on pc. but yeah the game is def good on pad also. that’s what i played on, never tried kb+m yet


I’ve never had trouble with my ps4 pad on pc.

Ps3 tho…uhg.


I haven’t issues with my Dual Shock 4 on PC. Steam added native support for it a while ago.


Still waiting on one of you Capcpom nuthuggers to defend that piece of shit “costume” and the fact these shit fucks are charging $4.00 FUCKING DOLLARS for that goddamned bullshit.

Yes, I’m still pissed. Yes, go fuck yourself Darkfaggotasshole.


Why do you keep trying to make th e thread about the thing and company you want everyone to ignore? They are being ignored and pushed to the side like you want.

Knock it off.


Exactly, this nigga can’t get his hate Boner to go down.

We don’t give a fuck and were not worried bout it.


Just saw in the PlayStation thread the ZOE 2nd Runner will be coming to MOTHERFUCKIN’ VR!!!



If you don’t care, then why are you fuckers clicking disagree like your lives are on the line?

Hiding my posts and crying to the Capcpom plant mods @d3v and @“DevilJin 01” to get rid of me is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.


Cause fuck you


Yeah, that will get me to stop, and not embolden me to go harder in the paint…

Because everyone knows you put out a forest fire by throwing gasoline on it.


At this point, I think Po should do a reality porno with female Capcom executives.

Po: Ya like that, bitch? Get ready for my “Buster shot” on your titties!
skeets in her eyes*
Female: You asshat!
Po: That was for DMC Donte , beyotch!

runs away laughing and leaps into gaudy purple convertible…


Another Po post appears.


Because you are an obnoxious turd and no one wants to see your posts anymore no matter the content.

Your because that is what you have dragged it through. You have ruined to ur reputation with everyone around here with your ascerbic vitriol. You can’t state a position and then be done with it, you have to being a total asshole to everyone at all times and we’re all fed up with it. I have you on block because I don’t want to see your posts in here, they are repetitive disgusting venom that kills everything around them, I only happen to see this post cuz my thumb tapped your post while scrolling by and un-collapsed your post.

This is the absolute last time I am going to answer this question for you Po, I have answered it more times then I can count over the years and it always falls on deaf ears (another reason no one here wants anything to do with to you) so I won’t be wasting my time with this excessive any longer. Learn some humility and self reflection and figure out that people are burying your posts for two reasons and it has nothing to do with Capcom, DLC, Marvel or any of th at shit and everything to do with you, your attitude and your reactions.

I will spell out one reason people bury your posts tho, it’s because you whine like a fucking bitch about it.


Doom’s Switch port is coming November 10th


OMG the way the dude in the back right of the gif is “mashing” his buttons hahahaha I’m dying.


I thought it was because everyone insists on quoting him.

Wonderful 101 is fantastic.

Needs a sequel on the Switch ASAP. :tup:


Yea I want to play W101 really badly but I don’t have a Wii U. Was lookin at em on Craig’s List today but the lowest I saw one for was 150. Not bad but still outside my current price range for right now. Someday tho, it’s a top 5 bucket list game for me for sure.


Po cracking me up today LMFAO.