Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques


Have superman get depowered as the start of the game, and as he fights bad guys, his abilities slowly return to him via an XP point buy system. As he gets to higher levels, he begins to fight more deadly enemies closer to his actual level.


That’s Death and Return of Superman. I was referring to the first Superman game on Genesis:


Really wish that Beat Saber on PSVR could get all the community made tracks that are on the PC version. There are some great songs on there.


Yeah I remember that game was actually terrible.


I traded in F76. Surprised to get 30 bucks. Bought my kid a 2DS Mario 2 bundle for XMAS at GS using the credit, and bought $50 PSN a year of Live and PSN at Target to save with the Red card.

I’ll possibly get F76 when they allow mods. Or not, depends on if the game is actually anymore fun that it was now. And I played like 2 hours of that game, and 1 hour was trying to make a character.

Speaking of, with the move from XB1 to 1X, my other Beth games are coasters, can’t keep my same mods, and Skyrim supposedly runs like ass with 4K patch. XB mods were the only keeping me from getting a PC, as literally the only games I would play on PC are Beth games, and GTA, and I don’t want to spend $1200 to play like 5 games. I MAY have to build a PC again to play those games again.

You know why I got 50 PSN… I’m fighting the temptation to DL a certain game that will be useless for anything but combos. LOL. Please talk me out of it.


Bravo, bravo :+1:

LOL to people who buy a special edition with a steel case but no physical copy.


I’m the one hans, awesome, I love WayForward.

Oh the other hand…shit why does the dev team need help? That’s a bit worrying.

This news strikes me as a double edge sword.


can’t wait for KH3
game is looking amazingly fun


I know someone or people in here is also interested in the new Monster Boy game. I was just searching Amazon for it and saw it’s $25 on PS4 right now.

Too bad I want it on Switch and the Switch version didn’t drop price though.


sheeeeit, Diablo 3, The Adventures of Rienzi the Wizard… – the road gets tough at this point since the monsters are strong enough to actually kill me now…I’ve passed Greater Rift 47… paragon level is 221. I’m actually having to be more tactical now since the monsters are so strong here…like waiting for certain key moments to use my Archon transformation (*I’ll always do it if I’m close to leveling, since leveling up resets all your cooldowns immediately…that way I have another Archon transformation ready to go after that 1 ends)…and actually paying more attention to which element my Convention of Elements ring is on to get that fat damage bonus…previously I didn’t care that much because I was doing insane damage anyway and steamrolling everything.
edit–hell yeah beat GR49 now… paragon 232…haha the exp payout on that was 1.7 billion. Delicious.



He hit some major programming snags, is what happened.

He needs their insight into the why of some bugs, and their knowledge of how to enact certain effects, physics for moves, no doubt.


Still waiting for the official acct to put the vid up but here you go


Armor King Baby!


Armor King!?

Time to go back Tekken 7. Take all my money


Five years ago I would have been surprised to see Tekken make me cringe at every reveal, but here we are…


Damn when did they have Oda of One Piece fame design Armor King?


Guess the Fall out continues on…Fallout!


Oh, just to entice you with that numbers game:

My Speed Run Fire Bell Monk does 250 Billion with an In-geom instead of her big money damage weapon.

Yeah… Fire Bell Monks are sick.


Why you shouldn’t buy anything Refurbished from Game Stop
Especially a Non-Slim Xbox 360


To be fair, I wouldn’t buy an old model 360 from anyone refurbished or no. They’re pretty much all pieces of shit in my eyes.