Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques



That alliance alive HD remaster is very confusing. I played that game. It’s not very good and doesn’t really warrant a remaster. Even more so confusing because it’s only a few years old.

I guess it’s cool it’s getting a second chance on PS4, steam and switch but I’m just trying to figure out why.


Actually, what Playmore did was the business equivalent of the sunk costs fallacy. KoF XII was as bare bones as it gets and mostly all they did for XIII was repurpose the existing assets for XII. They were in essence just saving face. Anyone knowledgeable that looked under the hood would see all the corners they cut to impress a few HD 2D enthusiasts that didn’t know any better.


True enough, I think it is Mara or something feminine sounding.

In SMT, you get certain demons/angels that always make the roster, variations of Frost Jack, the dick , Loki and a few others.


Sooo…this is happening

Ya know Doom is an extremely simple concept and could easily be made into an action horror film…but I’m pretty sure Hollywood still doesn’t get it.


Looking like a TV movie. Like Resident Evil.


It’s a straight to dvd movie apparently. So.


Oh kk then that’s fair lol


You could be talking about any fighting game that isn’t SF or Tekken. The people who like it will continue to play it just like every other game out there. No one’s assuming this game is going to change the world, it’ll probably just be a great game that people who know will continue to play after the folks who play the newest games for 2 weeks before going back to whatever shit they played before leave.


Mortal Kombat and Injustice have the presence and financial backing as well to make it worth playing due to NetherRealm being owned by Warner Brothers.


I been tryin to get to my other games for a week but everytime i think im finished Persona 5 throws another dungeon at me🤦🏾


sheeeeit, Demons Souls was actually the main reason I bought a PS3… I found the design and concept of the game to be fascinating at the time. I was enjoying it too…but then I got sidetracked by so many other games soon after that, since that 360/PS3 era of gaming was on FIRE. I never did finish the game… I beat one boss that looked like a pile of black slime or something…and that was about it. Much later on I bought Dark Souls III; it looked better than the previous Dark Souls games in every way…but I didn’t keep playing that one either…because once again there was the “problem” of there being just too many great games to keep up with.

Most regrettable purchases…2 come to mind right away…always a fun topic to bring up…

  • Megaman Battle Network… one of them on GBA. I took that right back the next day. As some of you may remember, I’m all about that real-time action…anything less would be uncivilised. Get that grid, board-game looking shit outta my face.
  • CD-i - the biggest moment of questionable judgement for me. Yes I actually bought one of those.
  • Destroy All Humans Path of the Furon - this is the worst sequel I’ve ever played. It is terrible in every possible way… a shame because I loved the first one so much.


Battle Network was amazing.


Battle Network series was straight, i think I beat the first 3. I lost interest after they kept milking it, but they were some damn solid games


I will only accept this if you brought Battle Network 4.


Yeah. Battle network turned to shit when they tried to Pokémon it with 2 or 3 difference versions and exclusive battle chips/forms/boss fights etc.

1-3 though were fucking great.

Just saw this. How old are you, @Million-X ?

Are you a highlander? Or are you some sort of construct or higher form of life that has no use for the concept of age?


So Dragon’s Dogma of all things is getting a cartoon on Netflix.


Was gonna mention them ripping off Pokemon for an extra buck. Very Capcom like actually. I wasn’t fallin for that shit lol


sheeeeit, I’m of the ancient gamer generation now… CD-i was around '94 or 95, and I was in high school then. There was a guy I knew from school at the time that was selling things “hot” as they used to say (basically stolen from a store)…I was just hyped to get a “next-gen” system at the time…he was selling it for 100 bucks. The legit store price at the time was 400 or 500 bucks. ha, Mom never found out that I had this system… I’d have to hide it under the bed once it was around time for her to be home.

it came with a tennis game that wasn’t so bad. Later I got a few games for it— Burn Cycle, Kether (terrible), and Voyeur. One downside was that you couldn’t rent those games, so it was always a gamble. EGM would review them so at least I had that to go on. One especially shitty thing about it was the need for the “digital video card” to play MOST of the games… I don’t think that critical fact was made clear in the commercials, of course. The card was $250, btw…so yeah, if you bought this system legit, you were spending about 400 or 500 for the system then an extra 250 for that card, if you wanted to play the better looking games on it.


Yo, you tryin’ to call folk that were alive (and capable of buying it) when CD-i came out, old? Fuck dat!

Anyway. I’m sorta like Million with Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls games. I played DeS for a good bit, found a really good place to farm souls, got buff then dropped it because other games. Then I played the shit out of DS, got buff, made it to the last boss and realized I would have to grind like crazy to beat him so I dropped it for other games.