Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques


If they make a sequel to The Messenger then I think they either need to stick to making what they did in the first half of the game longer or find out how to do metroid backtracking better. If they are going to try doing Metroid again then it has to be as fun as the rest of the game otherwise the slower pace makes it game have a dual identity that’s hard to ignore.


Uuuggghhh didn’t know autorenew was on my PS+ subscription and they just charged me for another year. I’m not mad because I was going to reup any ways I just didn’t realize my renewal came up this soon. I thought it was in may.

Bad timing considering I’m a little tight on cash and will be until I’m able to go back to work.


Oh well. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Sony did some shady shit with me one time for PS+ renewal. I redeemed a code for a year of PS+ when I won my PS4 from TB. I had never even entered my CC info on my PS4. Then once the prepaid card ran out, they auto-billed me for another year. After some back/forth and them NOT wanting to refund me, they finally did. I was going to just tell my credit card company to do a chargeback if they didn’t refund me since I never once agreed to anything like that.


I usually buy the PS+ gift cards but I have my paypal attached to my account so I can buy digital content. I didn’t think using a PS+ gift card would activate autorenewal.

I’m not mad. Not as Sony anyways.


I haven’t tied any financial account to my PSN since since the hack. I will never get screwed on a auto renewal.


I wasn’t affected by the hack so I’ve never really been worried or cared about having a card attached to my system


I got an email about it a few days ago

Cancelling from a PC: Click on the following link, and sign in to PlayStation Network, and then go to the Media section. After selecting the membership you want to cancel, cancel the automatic membership renewal.



Meanwhile NRS players barely show up to tournaments and drop whatever they were playing when they even get a whiff that there might be something new on the horizon. It’s a player problem not a company problem.

I agree with you, and I think MKX and Inj2 are two of the best fighters of that gen, but getting players to stick with anything is hard, especially if it’s isn’t SF or Tekken.


That’s cool that Hollow Knight is getting a physical release, but $30 for physical or $7 for digital, it’s not much of a decision to make.


I mean it’s really only SonicFox that plays everything. But he’s basically this generations Jwong so it’s be expected. Dude is the best skullgirls player in the world, arguably the best NRS games player in the world, the best DOA player in the country and one of the best DBFZ players in the world.

He gave up SFV because he only wanted to play FANG and Urien but they were either terrible characters out of the gate (FANG) or got nerfed to shit (Urien). I think he tried T7? I remember him talking about it a lot on twitter but he never pursued it for whatever reason.


SonicFox is definitely great, but even going on Test Your Might, there are Al these threads about “is X game dead?” or whatever. Maybe it’s a situation of casuals moving on to something else and it’s seeming like the games don’t have as big of a player basis they did.

I think it is smart for NRS to cater to more than just tournament players though. Their games are fun in a way that a lot of other fighting games aren’t, because you can just sit down with it and play it for fun and it’s a blast. I booted up Injustice 2 last night and just sat there for 45 minutes clearing some of the towers and I had a really good time with it.

NRS makes great games, and even if you don’t like them, you have to admit the production values are fantastic, they really do everything they can to help you learn the game and it’s a shame that the community doesn’t support them more, at least at a tournament level. I’ve been to a couple tournaments that we’re supposed to have mortal Kombat tournaments and nobody showed up for them.


It’s funny that I’ve been more excited for NRS fighters this gen than Capcom.

Most fun fighters for me

2) KOF 14
3) MK X / Injustice 2


I wouldn’t call NRS production values fantastic. They are okay. They are very cinematic, but they still have no clue how to animate anything and the sound/music in their games are awful and forgettable.


If you guys are looking for a VPN service, there’s some PIA deals. They are going to raise prices on the 18th


At least their sound design doesn’t involve shit like Tekken 7’s dubstep. I will take even the worst NRS compositions over that shit.



Catering to tournament players is the single best way to kill your brand.

‘Been sayin’ that for years now.

And look at what history bears out.

Lel, @ all the Cuckcum dickriders.

Consumers aren’t completely stupid, and even the stupid ones won’t be bent over perpetually.

Make a whole, complete game, morherfuckers.

That means making it appealing to more than a fraction of a percent of the consumers necessary for you to turn a profit.


The Injustice series has a kickass storyline, but the gameplay…ewwwww…


Castlevania Annversary Collection might be happening