Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques


Just give me 1, 3, Super 4, Bloodlines and, Rondo of Blood. <3

I don’t need or want any of the metroidvanias. :face_vomiting:


Put Bloodlines on there as well.

And Castlevania Rebirth, that games really pretty good and stuck on Wiiware yuck.

Also fuck Castlevania, shit gets enough shine, where the fuck is my Gradius Collection Konami? Gradius 1-5 and Gaiden please thank you


Oh yeah, I forgot about bloodlines


Don’t forget Chronicles.


Chronicles is just a remake of original castlevania though.

But sure. :woman_shrugging:t3:



HD SOTN please!


Chronicles would be cool, I’d rather play that then CV1 these days.


Kirby cake


Dead link, homie. Says image and user not found.


Works for me.



The problem with Konami is that recently they do not even hide how uninterested they are in actual game development. I meant the last Castlevania collection they did besides picking the least popular translation was literally a slap dash port of a PSP collection.


Give me HD EVERYTHING Metroidvania.

And toss a new one in, whilst you’re at it.


So Good ™.


The Best ™.


you could say that about some of the early SNK games, hell even some of the late SNK games, but people love those. I think what an NRS does is sort of a style in its own right , it’s something that their games have going for them that other people’s don’t, and if you like that, you’re going to like their games.


It’s not a remake. The first level is the same, but everything that comes after that is a completely new game.


Injustice 2 has gameplay that blows most of the competition out of the water. Mainly excluding UNIEL’s blend of gameplay of course. Sadly UNIEL is repulsively anime in its presentation.



gonna try dissidia NT… shit better be good…


You better hope you get teammates that don’t suck.


oh fuck wait it’s 3 players? ugh maybe i’ll cancel the download