Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques


Her first post-university job was as a programmer for Sony, where she eventually helped in the creation of Sony Online’s first Research and Development group. This led to Electronic Arts where she worked as a producer on The Sims Online . From 2003-2004, Raymond joined the G4 program The Electric Playground as a part-time correspondent, working with Victor Lucas, Tommy Tallarico and Julie Stoffer. In 2004, she started working for Ubisoft Montreal, where she led the creation of the first Assassin’s Creed game. Raymond went on to become executive producer on Assassin’s Creed II , and was executive producer of new IP at Ubisoft Montreal, which included Watch Dogs and The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot .

In July 2015, Raymond announced that she had joined Electronic Arts and formed Motive Studios, based in Montreal. She was also to be in charge of Visceral Games studio, located in California, where she worked with games designer and writer Amy Hennig on Star Wars games[6][7] and also develop new original IP, before the company was shut down by EA.[8]

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I’m betting after EA cancelled the Star Wars game, she went to Google since there were rumors around that time that Google was trying to get into gaming.


Everyone knows her as the brains for Assasin’s Creed but she has and been involved in other stuff

Only problem is that after Assassin’s Creed she hasn’t really been involved in much and when she tried to get involved with stuff it ended getting shut down or not made. Not blaming her for that so much as EA since they brought her in and then suddenly were like ‘you know maybe we don’t want to do single player games?’ Especially after she had made a whole damn studio for them to do it lol.

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The only things she’s relevant for to me is she has the same birthday as me. Otherwise don’t care about anything she’s done


All this means literally nothing to me.


Cool :taco:


And watch how they kill the franchise deader than it already is IF this thing turns out to be streaming only.



considering picking up Days Gone in some form… but I haven’t played it since the demo build I played at PAX South in mid-January, and stood for well over an hour in line to play for 15 minutes.

Thoughts? I just don’t want to waste $60 plus on a platform-exclusive game like this.


I have days gone preordered but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it. Like the story, the setting and all the aesthetics looks really good. But like…it also feels like an open world game and these days I just can’t fucking stand open world games.


Judge Eyes is physical and digital sales are being halted because the actor Pierre Taki was arrested in a drug bust. Dude was busted in his house doing cocaine.

Meanwhile Kenshin’s creater gets busted with Child Porn (even goes on record saying which kind he likes specifically) and gets to keep making manga and have Kenshin appear in Jump Force.

Hoping this doesn’t affect the game coming stateside.


Japan has a very dim view of illegal drugs, compared to sex offenses. This is after all, a country where its largest organized crime syndicate (the Yamaguchi-gumi) refuses to deal in drugs.



Random game thoughts:

Best soundtrack last gen was easily Castlevania POR.

Also, games that are originally 2D should never be made in 2.5D. That same laggy feeling you get from playing SF4 or 5, compared to an old SF, is always there when you play these games. Doesn’t matter the genre either. Also, these games usually have poor presentation, no ‘advanced’ graphics effects, so the games look bland as fuck.




I always felt that the conversion from 2D to 2.5 is usually lazy as fuck.
I do understand that more modern game engines only want to do 3D, so you are stick with 3D so the 2.5 D is a trade off. But then you get Zero Labs making their own custom Z engine for Skull Girls which blows the excuse about the game engine out of the water. Don’t use Havok, Unreal, or what ever for 2D games. If a Indie dev can get it done, I don’t see how an Tripple A Dev can’t do the same thing.


I have a really hard time finishing open world games. I just get side tracked doing shit that has nothing to do with the main story of the game and I forget what the hell I’m suppose to be doing or what the story is. So, yeah, for the most part I cant be bothered to play them mofos either.

It seems like that’s what most games are turning into these day though. Either that or they’re online type games and I dont really like to play multiplayer games. Shit I only play 2 games online lately and I rarely play either of those.


I used to fuck around in GTA3/Vice City more than play the proper campaign.I just loved the squishy sound effect when you run someone over in those games.

Fighting games are really the only genre I play online. But that may add up to only 3 -4 months MAX in a year.
I used to get ps/xbl online subscription every year like clockwork until last year. It isn’t worth it for me in all honesty.


Yeah, but even Lab Zero admitted that what they did wasn’t the most cost effective thing, hence the large amounts of money they require for every project they do.

Also, let’s not forget that SNK almost bankrupted themselves out of existence with KoFXII and KoFXIII.

In any case, 3D really isn’t the problem (as ArcSys has demonstrated). It’s simply figuring how to make the models animate like 2D animation, which basically means a lot of keyframes and not a lot of tweening/interpolation.


Beat Saber track pack tracks leaked yesterday. 10 songs for $10. I’ll be snagging that tomorrow.

Link to playlist of tracks on youtube.


You want devs to bankrupt themselves just to make a game look 2D. No one with any sense will do that.