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Sup with all this pokemon let’s go stuff. I hope it means dlc or something.


Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams is coming to Switch and PS4 digitally in the west this summer

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle announced for ps4, pc, xbone and switch

If you already have 2 there will be dlc to get the content

Dauntless for Ps4, xbone and epic games store delayed

Fortnite for Switch no longer crossplays with Xbone and PS4


I doubt it and I hope not. Pokémon has never had dlc and has honestly never needed it. Since it’s targeted towards kids I doubt it will get any. Free updates, maybe to highly unlikely. But I doubt paid dlc.


Leisure Suit Larry that was on Xbox 360 I believe it was, was ssssssoooooo bad. I can’t believe they are making another one.


This. SNK saving money and going with 3D with XIV is one of the reasons we even have a new SamSho coming out. And as a fan of the “tale of FOOTSIES and Swords, eternally retold”, I’d rather they stay around to make more games than die off.


Was it as bad as the one for PS2 where it’s about his nephew in college? Cause that one was pretty bad too.


I think that is the one I was thinking of then. I guess it was even older than I thought it was.


Leisure Suit Larry games are incredibly horrible through and through…

But a game targeted specifically for pervs is always gonna have a market, so it is what it is… shrug


Damn, they really wanna emphasize how American Terry Bogard is in this new crossover.


Neither of those things are even remotely true.


Its going to happen. Pokemon is not immune to the scourge of DLC as it already occur in other Nindy IP.


Mainly Fire Emblem. I doubt it’ll happen to Pokémon.


Yeah, but you got to remember Pokémon is a shared joint with Game Freak and Pokémon Company as well. If they figure there is money to made with an expansion pass or something I can see them go that route.


Judge Eyes is getting delayed according to Sega HQ. Director of the game says it’ll be released someday. I’m guessing they are going to remodel the character which is going to take time since he’s important to the story…

Dint know how to embed the tweets on the phone.


Yeah I knew about that. Doesn’t make the situation any less stupid.

We got the same thing going on in the states where sex offenders get lighter sentences and put into protective custody once behind bars, which is dumb as shit as well. Other times they got off with a slap on the wrist, but they can’t show their face in public.


Only reason we have not seen too much DLC yet for pokemon as Pokemon was a hand held game thus there wasnt much room for Downloadable content. Even the 3DS which had the ability to take some DLC was knee capped by storage restrictions. The Switch on the other hand dont have too many restrictions as SD card sizes gotten bigger. And Pokemon go opened the door for microtransactions.


Well, that’s Japan for you. Wasn’t there some famous actor or actress who was basically blacklisted by the industry when they were caught with just a small bit of coke?


Kamiya shares his thoughts on RE2 remake


Yeah, like most countries, Japan has its own cultural taboos that seem nuts. Drugs and even tattoos (or being a unlicensed tattoo artist) are big no nos that can get you serious jail time.