Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques


I don’t mind this type of trailer if it’s for a game announcement.


So far so good…


I wish game devs would stop doing this drawing based newgrounds flash type of sprites and actually make real ones like they used to make for the GG series.


There have been a lot of Yoshi’s Crafted World previews popping up



Beat Saber track pack is $3 more than they original reported. It’s $13 instead of $10, for 10 songs. I dunno if I’ll get it almost out of principle at this point. $1/song just seems right, not $1.30 or so lol. I’m not a huge fan of all the songs either, I really only liked 5 or 6 of em.


Bloody palace for dmcv is coming April

Behemoth teases game for switch

I thought this game would be perfect for Switch

Turtle Rock studios announced new zombie co op shooter called Back 4 Blood


I would happily buy castle crashers again and anytime they announce another port of it.


is Grid 2 good?


It’s free…maybe try it out and see for yourself?


No, thanks.


Ah who the hell am I kidding. I’m buying the Beat Saber track pack when I get home. And I will probably grab that Golf Peaks game on Switch. Looks like a fun little golf puzzle game and it’s only $5.


That outrage and protest was very short lived. XD


Yeah I mean there’s really no reason why I can’t spend $3 more lol, especially considering how much I’ve played it already and $3 is nothing. I’m just stubborn and had $10 already in my mind. And as a software developer myself, I need to support the guys who do great work that I enjoy.


This the kind of laziness I can get behind.


Damn…apparently Pierre Taki is getting scrubbed out of KHIII since he did the voice of Olaf


Does japan have the infinity gauntlet? Fuck. They don’t play.


I’ll have to check into this, although I haven’t even gotten thru all the included songs yet.


damn Castle Crashers has worn out its welcome, at least for me. Years ago I might have been excited for it being ported yet again but at this point…nah…maybe if it’s some ridiculous price like $1.00…and even that’s a maybe. Give me a part 2 for it or get the hell outta here.

Dead Cells on “Very Hard” continues to be absolutely ridiculous…but never in a way that is infuriating though, at least for me. All this time and I still haven’t made much progress at all on it. Ranged seems like the safe way to go but it’s hard just to make it to the Time-keeper boss. Basically, it seems like on this difficulty…if you aren’t 100% perfect in everything you do, you have no real chance of getting far.


That’s how I feel about Super Meat Boy.


My ringtone