Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques


They made Battle Block Theater after Castle Crashers.


Yacht club games is teasing a game that they will be publishing

Seto Kaiba will screw the rules in Jump Force


“fear is the mind killer” vid of a dead cells run shows the guy beating the game 5 boss cell difficulty and never got hit once cuz he had cursed sword equipped. beat the game icluding the new bosses. but he actually did get “hit” a couple times but only after he parried with force field shield which creates a 3 second force field.
it was pretty nuts to watch.
as for me i havent even gotten the 5 boss cell yet.
or all the new weapons n stuff. i just got seismic sword. and war javelin. btw, the alpha went beta so you can keep everything you unlock now.
i almost got a perfect on the hotk but got hit once by an elite only cuz i didnt care. didnt bother to roll. sorta mad cuz if i only had bothered id have that achievement. i perfected the conceirge and time keeper. i just need hotk and convi…whatever his name is. tentacle boss.
which btw i figured out how to perfect before the 1.2 patch which is to toss out powerful heavy turrets and climb the wall.
now you cant climb the wall cuz the put spikes there so im pissed off.


i follow woolie and pat from sbfp.
and baertaffy sometimes.
few others cant recall their names right ow. hate pwediepie.


Borderlands 3.

You know her bro is going to have Tiny Tina play a major role, giving her work.

And since it is getting announce at PAX East…



I’ve developed a habit of playing Mario Maker video’s in the background while I study or work at home. I just really enjoy the Super Mario Soundtrack and sound effects; it’s catchy and nostalgic for me (I live in Japan, and it helps remind me of home).

So I stumbled around ryukahr channel and it’s quite good. I usually don’t watch Let’s Play’s, but his content is quite nice. And, as you said, he is very good at the game.

As an aside, there is a type of YouTuber that I’ve really grown bored of: the Youtubers who react and comment on video game news: DownwardThrust, RTUSA, YongYea, etc. And the reason is that they don’t really have any knowledge or insight that any other regular gamer has. I never finish a video getting anything more than what you guys (or any other group of gamers) would say. Why watch a 30 video listening to an comment that I could have read in less than a minute in an average video game forum?


He goes by the name PewDiePie…


I keep tweeting him my levels to play, but he gets so bombarded it’s tough to get him to pick yours to play.


That duche, yeah he a human dumpster fire.
Worst of all people try to say you are a racist for calling him out for anti-semetic remarks and “accidentally” wearing a Nazi uniform. You don’t accidentally become a Nazi.
There no defending that shit.


He didnt accidently wear a Nazi uniform.

I don’t think he’s a racist but I do think his content is total crap.


He’s been caught accidentally saying the N word a few times during his broadcast a few years ago…the one with the hard R btw.

Not the first time that word slipped form his mouth BTW…he was flinging that word right before he got famous. He was smart enough to delete it back then.

I’ve been saying he’s a racist since day 1…

So fuck him.


I know he didn’t, that the shit apologist were saying hence the quotation marks.


Yea that’s fine, I just don’t think saying a word makes you racist. You’re welcome to think that of him tho.

I also only know the context of the one time when he died in a FPS and shouted it in anger. Don’t know the context for the other reasons cuz I really don’t care about the dude or his content. shrug


i watch dashiegames only to watch his mario maker vids. which are the best mario maker playthroughs.

getting high and watching a block of this shit. too good.


Lol @ the idea of ‘accidentally’ wearing nazi paraphernalia.

I couldn’t see this morning so I tripped on some cords and fell into this Gestapo shirt!


ha, I like that Dr. Doom idea for the Storm javelin, actually… check this out…customizations in Anthem:

I modeled my colossus to look like Shockwave from G1-era Transformers (though with dark grey rather than a more accurate lighter grey)…thanks to the Dreadnaught armor pack you have the singular “cyclops eye” design already in the mix too. I was trying to make my Ranger look like a green Power Ranger but that’s been a bit of a challenge…for now I made him look like some high-tech soldier from Cobra in GI Joe so I imagine the character being that.



I don’t get it. Is NMS: Beyond DLC or is it a sequel?



Stresstest is going on right now. So when you want to watch some MK11 Online matches.

PND Ketchup: