Video Game General 6.1.2: DMCV Rocks! Brook Still Better Than V At Cane Techniques


The streamer douche who is popular with kids IS a racist. No denying or being ambivalent about it. He could’ve almost, in certain parts, gotten away with the act in the 90s but yeah no. Dude is a racist.

The guy who shot up the mosque in New Zealand told people to subscribe to streamer douche before he shot the mosque up in a live stream. Gross. Now streamer douche is distancing himself. That’s what’s going to happen when the fanbase that aren’t kids come from 8chan.


Its dlc

Complete with more online stuff and free

Also did not see this coming

Thought GT stuff would not make in this game but not only is it GT it’s probably the Goku that a slim amount of people asked for.

Michael Pachter makes a dumb tweet


Jesus Michael Patcher is fucking retarded. Can we stop justifying this losers existance please?


Because that’s what the community wanted: MORE GOKU!


Where the fuck is Roshi god dammit!!!


I’m gonna lol if the next reveal is UI Goku or ssj4 Goku.


If it’s SSJ4 Goku I think everyone will pull a Sanford Kelly and toss their arcade stick and flip the closest table out of pure anger and disgust.


Like. The fact that GT Goku’s super has him going ssj3 instead of 4 is a huge red flag. Haha.


sheeeeit, get that revolting GT-era bullshit outta heah :-1:


Damn I was thinking of buying the season 2 pass but wiser heads told me to hold off until more of the roster is shown. Glad I listened.


Fuck Goku, he trash.


SSJ4 Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta, and SSJ4 Gogeta. They’ll prob add base GT Vegeta too since his hair is different.


I’ll only accept this if he keeps the mustache.


Only good thing about GT was the PS1 fighting game


GTFO with that BS


I woke up to that news this morning…tragic.


The only good thing about GT was the credits in the final episode.


I will agree with that statement.


GT’s opening theme song wasn’t half bad…


Okay fuck DBFZ I’m uninstalling the game. Seeing this shit proves to me that this game will never get better. They should listen to their fan base, balance the game, improve on some features, fix the stupid system. Not add on a 20th Goku. What is wrong with these people?