Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


Yo, from what I hear of Souten no Ken, it would be even MORE suitable to that team than Hokuto no Ken is. That’s pretty exciting


Is anyone planning on playing a horror-themed game this month? I’m thinking I might do a run through of Silent Hill 3.

There was an Altered Beast game for PS2 but it didn’t come out in the West and was exclusive to Asia/PAL regions:

It looked fun too and I imagine most of you didn’t know about because it didn’t make it here. :sob:


Oh, I knew.

Ignorance is bliss.


On another note, hooked on phonics as I am, I have to say, Fist’s Japanese name practically begs to have a tranny porn parody:

Ho Culo no C*nt: Fisting the Porn Star.

Ken would be French in it.

He’d "ass"immolate other styles.

And he’d grow stronger after every “Little Death.”

Gotta be better than the Yakuza mini games.

Obligatory No Homo no Ken.


Megaman 3 kills me with those terrible Doppler stages, but the overall game is dope.

@Sonicabid I’m gonna play RE2 on PS1. 8ys Been years and I got roped into doing one of those escape rooms with my family and that shit was classic RE without the zombies. Zombies would have made it so much better.


I recently played Resident Evil 2 to completion and I am thinking of doing a playthrough of the original Silent Hill or the reimagining (Shattered Memories).

I have been looking to acquire a copy of Silent Hill Downpour, but with a busted disc drive and no digital release on any platform it is practically impossible. So, I will probably watch a playthrough of that as well.

P.S. I don’t think I would ever want to do another playthrough of Silent Hill 3 as the sewer section is just too tedious.


Glitch that crashes your PS4 so bad that you have to do a factory reset just to recover


Looking at REmake or ZomiU if I’m doing a playthrough for October. I’d do RE2 for the PlayStation but Sony won’t let us play our previous PlayStation discs on the PS4 which is LLLAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEE…

Sony needs to crib that off MS for the PS5 and let us play our previous Playstation discs on the new system. They could still make remasters and/or remakes of their first and second pary games, but for games we know wouldn’t get a remake it’d be nice.


y’know, one disappointment I had with Diablo 3 is that the “nemesis” monster wasn’t quite as fleshed out as I initially thought it would be. I assumed the monster would look different depending on which enemy killed you and transformed into being a “nemesis”…at least that would’ve been a bit more interesting, I think… but I understand that would obviously be a bit more work— instead of 1 new enemy type they’d have to do an alternate “nemesis form” for every non-boss monster in the game then…then there’s the question of whether or not they’d have different powers depending on what creature they were previously…while keeping in mind the concept of this thing “evolving” and getting stronger each time it kills a player character.

I’m hoping they continue with this concept in Diablo 4, which is hopefully something they hype at BlizzCon. My only other complaint with D3 was really the lack of customization; the “transmogrification” system almost fixed that but I’d still like even more control… like your usual hair/skin color options, full color control on your armors and clothing, certain auras/effects, etc… and perhaps the weapons too. I like having as much control as possible over how my character looks.

*I might finally take a break from Dead Cells and dig into Guacamelee today… and there’s so much more to get to… I’m up to about 27 or so games on Switch at this point.


I’ve only now realized that I’ve gotten 91% of all the trophies in Spider-Man. I wasn’t even trying. I just kept playing and doing whatever the game had for me.


There apparently some hacked roms that allows the zapper to work with flat screens.
I going to give it a shot. The Zapper was just part of the lot I purchased on eBay.

I can agree with this, for the Ps1/ps2/ps3 era give us a remake not a remaster. Unless they want to do a hard port of the game unchanged


I had no idea roms like that existed…


They are new


True but you have to admit does having a mode that is meant to simulate touching or kissing high-school girls does come off as creepy and something you might not want to see associated with your platform if you don’t need it.


The whole game itself is creepy.


Everything you need to do is shown for you. One of the complaints I had, but at the same time didn’t mind since I wanted to get back Yakuza. This was my first open world game from a western studio since GTA Vice City. After playing BotW and going back to Shenmue I could see the complaints about open world games where everything is given to you on screen. Spider-Man had awesome traversal though so I didn’t mind.


Use the shield that gives you a force field for a few seconds after parrying. The time keeper has a lot of easy to parry attacks that it constantly throws. Also, the skill cooldown mutation coupled with a skill that generates a force field (have to get lucky for that buff) really helps with HotK. I had a bear trap with FF + a super fast cooldown one one run, allowed me to keep a FF up more often than not.


look. time keeper is easy. just use long distance weapons like bows. and turrets. heavy turrets are your best friend in that match up. get a good bow before the fight. the ONLY thing you need to mae sure you dont get hit with is her grapple hook. thats where she’ll rock your world.


CoD Blops 4 breaks digital sales records for Activision

RDR 2’s campaign is 60 hours


NoA is actually pushing Diablo seriously