Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


Sewer curse things… blitz or run if surprised.

They are weak, yet the single worst thing in there.

I beat the boss of the sewers whilst massively encumbered, the first time.

That was tedious.

Every other time it was cake.

Pyro or Knight is the best way to roll first time.

In Vanilla at least.

I rolled Knight, because I rolled Noble/Spellsword in DeSo.

Pure strength/dex.

Mid-rolls at best.

No regrets.


My Xbox 1X is basically a doorstop because if you don’t like Halo or Forza, MS has nothing when it comes to first party content. What sells Nintendo and Sony systems is exclusive content.


They realize they need more actual exclusive first party content that isn’t Halo or Forza.


Another late-to-the-party reflection, this time on Sonic Mania Plus.

I beat the game, got all the Chaos Emeralds, and right now I’m going what I did way back with Sonic 3 and Knuckles: beat the game with every combination of characters (all CE’s, of course). So obviously, I really enjoy the game. The level design is mostly great (I love the long levels, despite the opinions of some), excellent controls, good stuff. It is certainly a love letter to guys like me, who played not just Sonic 1-3 and Knuckles, but the Game Gear Sonic Games, Sonic Spinball, Sonic CD, Knuckles Chaotix, and Sonic 3D Blast. I didn’t play the Sonic isometric arcade game, but I was very aware of it as an EGM reader. Anyway, tons of references, and that’s great too. The creator clearly loves these games, so I enjoyed sharing that mutual love as I played.

But, there are two things that really hold this game back.

One, there aren’t enough new level mechanics: the vast majority are recycled from the old Sonic games. On many occasions, I had a been-there-done-that feeling which went against that feeling I had when I first played a new Sonic game.

Second - and I know I’m in the vast minority here - , the music isn’t that great. As I stated in the early post, the boss music is underwhelming. Every boss track (except the final ones) sound like mid-boss music. The final act of every zone should have epic boss music (well, at least the ones with Eggman in this game’s case). Not goofy, lighthearted tunes (again, that’s mid-boss stuff). And the music for the new zones were just good. It wasn’t that catchy Sonic music where I’d often find myself humming along. They weren’t bad by any stretch, just good. The remixes of the old stages were pretty great, but for the most part, I preferred the originals; but I’m sure that just my nostalgia talking.

Anyway, the game is excellent, money well spent.


ah, got it.


Not gonna lie…I completely forgot about M$'s conference. Lol.

Here is the full thing for those who want to watch it

Im planning on watching it later but based off the stuff that’s in my feed…nothing too exciting was announced.


Any you bitches SCUBA? I did my first day of SCUBA certification classes today and have the last class tomorrow. That shit is like all day it was 9am to 9:30pm and tomorrow it’s the same stuff. That shit gonna be dope once I have my certification and can do it much easier on vacation.


I feel like there are others that might not suck in S, though. I have my theories about people like Terry and Chun-Li, for example.


That’s not true for everyone.

I have a PS4 solely for fighters. I don’t play Sony exclusives, minus Horizon…because Horizon isn’t a typical 5 hour cinematic where ‘replay’ is from earning trophies that can only be had in game+ or other replays.

And yes, I have more exclusive games on PS4, it’s because they are fighters anyway…I mean UNIEST is only on PS4. But of course I would have bought it there anyway.

I only have Forza as exclusive on XB1, but I buy all non-FG multiplats on it, for XBL, and the controller. If I like a game that much…I will buy it to play on PS4 online later as well.

That said, I may give my XB1 away as an XMAS present, and get myself an X1X from Kohl’s. Their holiday deal is the system for 399 and a $125 Kohls card. My girl loves Kohls. Win-win.

I kind of don’t want to give into the half gen console. But I guess…


Heh, man I checked the official Diablo forums out of curiosity and noticed that old topic of “Offline Mode” is still going on… PC version will forever be online-only, but some of them over there still have hope.

The amazing thing is how many pc fanboys still defend that nonsense, hanging onto the “anti cheaters” point… or if you bring up console versions they might be inclined to respond with a snooty “yeah have fun playing with hackers/cheaters, dude”… like there’s no “botting” on PC versions? That thing I hear about on occasion doesn’t exist? Also—it only affects you if you allow it into your game and give a shit anyway. I’ve played console D3 100% of the time over the bootleg ass PC version since it came out… I have played with a hacker(*or at least someone that had hacked items) exactly ONCE in all these years…the dude was a friend of a friend I regularly play with, and GASP we still had a good time despite how ridiculous his character was. Random people doing shit in their game world doesn’t have any effect on my good times; I never play with those people anyway. It’s called having “friends” you regularly play with, y’know?

But whatever, guys… good luck trying to run some rifts or level up some gems when it’s time for server maintenance, or the inevitable point in the future when they shut it down. haha I can play my version just fine while Blizzard does server maintenance or if the company happens to shut down at some point; can you? Oops. Online-only is horseshit, pure and simple.

I think at least some of them are just desperate to defend the dumbass pc version because they regret their purchase decision.


Console Diablo 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>-PC D3.

…even the PS3 version.


NIS is really happy with the Switch

Fallout 76 has a 54 gig day one patch


Fair point. XB1 is lacking in fighters. Only exclusive was KI and they put that on PC. There are several fighting games that aren’t even on XB1. I could have gotten SCVI on XB1X but the online community is going to be minuscule. Of course the online has been ass for that game…but that is another topic.


At this point in time, it’s only Naughty Dog’s offerings and whatever David Cage vomits up that fits into this. Most everything else decidedly does not fit into this mold. This years big PS4 exclusives alone don’t - Spider-Man is an open-world game, God of War also has a semi-open world with a hub area that leads into other areas that can be continually visited.


100%. Don’t forget games like PS All-Stars(lol) Modnation Racers, Little Big Planet, or Housemarque and the awesome games they release. I know some Housemarque games have hit PC but they always start off on Sony’s consoles.

I feel Sony actually tries new things with the new IP’s they release whereas Nintendo relies on their couple of long-running franchises that have been mechanically the same for over 20 years with some sort of gimmick assist. M$soft doesn’t even seem to recognize who their fanbase is(Obsidian? How many people who own Xboxes even know who they are/what type of games they make?)

They chased the JRPG market with Mistwalker and that didn’t work out. They were going to release an action game but axed it for whatever reason in the middle of development(Scalebound.) The IP’s they do consistently release like Gears and Forza hit PC anyway if you’re interested in those, and because of that I really don’t see why you’d want to own an Xbox this generation. They’ve been making a big deal out of BC but…if you have a decent PC or still have your last-gen console is BC important enough to you that you’d buy a new console for it?

For me personally Sony has been the kings of 2nd and 3rd party support for four generations in a row now. If their 1st-party lineup doesn’t do it for you, their 2nd and 3rd party support will.


Obsidian games sell well the on the Xbox consoles when it comes to consoles. This point was already brought up when the acquisition news first hit. Now they have MS money so this is only a plus for most fans, I’m guessing (I’m not big on their games). I think MS is going for the ‘Western Powerhouse’ title next-gen, which should fit them barring another monumental fuck up. Their console will be for those that don’t want to deal with pc, but having their stuff on pc as well will just bring in more money for them.

They’ll still have to work deals to get the Japanese games on their system though, like they did with Nier:A and Monster Hunter World. Them possibly getting the Yakuza series next-gen is too little too late as well.

Barring something disastourous form Sony or Nintendo, I’m pretty much set with them for next-gen. PS4 is the console from them that I’ve taken in interest in their first party line up, past 1 or 2 titles, and Japan has been bringing the goodness this gen the trouble they had at last gen so I’m set.


As long as their games run well on PC they’ll be fine. Most Obsidian fans I know are PC gamers.


Purchsing Inxile along with Obsidian makes me wonder if Microsoft guy responsible for the purchase was a big fan of Black Isle.


Along with Phil Spencer saying he’s personally making sure the Windows store is actually good (don’t have personal experience), and the compatibility with kb+m tells me they are going for console and pc space. Yeah you can play the Xbox exclusives on PC now, but that’s more money for them if you do. You skip out on their console but they still get money from Game Pass. You don’t want the upfront costs and tinkering you grab their console. Smart move from them and seems like something they need to distinguish themselves.


I think just looking at the companies they have purchased shows that they are focusing next gen on Western PC style and AAA games. They tried multiple times to appeal to Japan and failed, they tried this gen letting up on trying to get exclusives beyond I house stuff and have been roasted.

Next gen, while they will still try to get Japan multi platform titles, they are banking on their new in house stuff to appeal to the Western audiences.