Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


Dude puts some SJW trash-tier heifer on blast for talking shit about Charles!!


ohoooo I forgot to check that like/dislike ratio on the Nintendo Online vid…oh yes it’s quite delicious indeed. I added mine to the mix.

…then I realized there is yet another layer of comedy there… they only added THREE games?! One of them being goddamn LOLO?! :rofl: The effort Nintendo is putting into this is sooooo low it’s hilarious…and you know they’ll STILL make a killing off this half-ass shit, since a lot of people will eventually just go “eh, it’s just 20 bucks for a year…or 4 bucks for 1 month-to-month.”
…THREE GAMES, folks. :rofl::laughing:


@Million-X They’ve released only 3 new games a month for the NES Online service since September. It’s nothing new. Plus the titles are usually super solid. Ninja Gaiden and Wario’s Woods are awesome additions to a growing library.

Like, I get why people are upset about the lack of virtual console. People seem to REALLY want to buy Super Mario Bros. 3 again. Same with Super Mario World, Link to the Past etc. However, despite constantly bitching about virtual console never carrying over from console to console those same people are the ones that will still give money to Nintendo hand over fist just for the nostalgia. So I don’t get the argument for virtual console when the opinion on it is so divisive and doesn’t really have legs to stand on.

That said, outside of the Phone App (why?!) I’ve been perfectly happy with Nintendo Switch Online and small but awesome library we’ve gotten access to so far.


I just want the Virtual console games I already bought. I’m annoyed specifically because I don’t want to buy them again.


Unfortunately that’s not how their eShop(s) works. Mainly because they’ve specifically designed it that way. Why would Nintendo want you to able to play virtual console games from lets say, the Wii when they can just released those same titles again for the Switch behind a paywall (Nintendo Switch Online) or 3ds? They’d lose money that way. They’re a business after all.

Not defending the practice, but I understand it. As great of a company Nintendo is they are about making money and do some questionable things to make said money.



Nintendo does it because they like money and know that there are idiots who will buy Super Mario Brothers 10 times. Why sell it to them once when they will buy it 10 times? That would be stupid.


Yes I get it, just calling it the horse shit that it is that’s all.


Nintendo and just about every company are shrewd businessmen. I don’t like it, but I understand why they do what they do


I mean just looking in this thread alone you see people who are hype as shit for re-releases or HD remakes of old ass games. There’s a reason you see so many of these HD remakes this gen because the industry is not stupid and knows they can get idiots to double dip.

Nintendo paved the way though they were ahead of their time. Super Mario Allstars was genius on SNES. I’m not surprised they are the ones probably still benefitting from it the most.


so who do you guys hope will be the winners for the VGA on thurrsday?

im just hopig God of War, Dead Cells, and Detroit Become Human wins something. maybe RDR2 gets a bone thrown its way.
as for the rest, could care less.
anyone here play Celeste? this game is in multiple categories and ive never heard that game mentioned even once here.


You mean you couldn’t care less.

And neither could I. I"ll be watching TNF. I don’t really care what other people think about games for the most part. I play what I think is good, not what other people think is good, unless it’s an overlap.


Outside of video game announcements (which I’ll just watch on YouTube. Not giving the Game Awards any of my time) I have absolutely no interest in the Game Awards. I find the whole concept incredibly dumb.

And Celeste is okay. It’s just super meat boy but you’re a girl hunting strawberries and being chased be a negative version of yourself. Apparently the soundtrack is really good though?


I’ve heard of Celeste a lot. It looks really good to, hopefully more longevity then Super Meat Boy.

No one talks about games like those in here anymore cuz the Indy hate brigade will come down on you like the pack of assholes they are, so no one bothers anymore.

Remember when I uses to learn about all kinds of games in this thread, now aside from Sonichuman, threads basically a catered experienced where we only get to talk about and learn about specific games and types. Oh well.


My main issues with Indy games (especially in recent years) is every. single. fucking. game. is either a super meat boy/dustforce platformer clone, a rouge like or a fucking Metroidvania. Or sometimes they’ll wedge genres together that don’t belong and call it a “unique experience”


Every single one huh? No exaggeration there or anything right?


Celeste is amazing, and definitely worth picking up. It’s a perfect game on the Switch.


9\10 of the indy games I see people gushing about are usually one of the three.


I always took into the indie scene since that’s where most platformers are being developed now. I haven’t played Celeste but it looks alright.


Speaking of indie Switch games, if you haven’t played it, you should check out Golf Story. Game owns.


5 seconds on Google looking at “2018 Indy games” gave me a list of 8 games and only one was a platformer and one was a “Metroidvania.” The others where either rpgs, strat games, a music game and Subnautica and Moss.

Maybe you should look harder?

Edit: here’s 39 of them and very few fit the genres you listed.