Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


I’m expecting RDR 2 to take Goty and if it doesn’t then it will prob go to God of War. Or they’ll pull the upset and give it to Celeste.


if celeste beats either game im starting a riot.


I’m rooting for Celeste now.


Pretty sure the only reason Switch online probably even has the NES games is because the programmers added Golf as a tribute to Iwata in the code. Nintendo rushed the system out the door and did not have a plan until literally the last minute. You would think having a VC style system or one that had more recent games from newer consoles would make sense but the work to get it done seems to be something Nintendo is avoiding this generation.


Didn’t Game Awards pronounce Dragon Age Inquisition Game of the Year in 2014? I think that was the point when I decided to not care anymore because that was straight up disrespectful to all the good games that came out that year (WiiU games in particular with Bayonetta 2, Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8).


Fuck Nintendo and their online services,
My solution for NES games is my original NES.


How do you plug it into a modern monitor without spending an arm and a leg?

Cuz let’s be real about why a lot of people are interested in things like the VC and Nintendo Classic when just buying an NES console is cheaper. It’s because most people dont own an old monitor, A modded console for modern monitors, nor are they willing to spend twice to 3 times as much getting the grey box to run nicely on a modern monitor.

As someone who owns most of those old as fuck consoles as well, using them in the modern age is a fucking pain in the ass and you know it.


That’s where you just say fuck it and setup a RetroPi for like $100. And save states own. No chance I could have ever beaten games like TMNT or Star Tropics on NES without a save state.


Yeah I know the pain. I got several solutions for you depending on your budget range.
If you luck out and got a TV with composite video input, you could use that but its going to be ugly (and may not even work).
Then you got your cheap ass Composite video to HDMI scallers. Which starts at $15.
Next step up is the Retro TINK-2X which does Composite, Component and S-video at $100

Next step up require mods to the NES it self in ether the NES RGB board or NES HiDef HDMI board
The NES HiDef board is a bit more expensive and a more in depth mod but you dont need any external devices.

And in a complete different route is the Raspberry Pi, it runs software emulation the Rasp Pi is about $35 and with any other accessories and such runs you about $100, you have to include the SD card, AC adapter, a nice case ect.

And their is the MistER (which is in development as a open source project) which does well you name it for retro consoles, the difference between the Rasp Pi and the Mister is that the Mister uses a FPGA core to emulate the hardware of the system instead of doing it in software which gives you a much more accurate feel to the original games. A list of Computer and game systems can be found on this link.


Yea that’s my point. That vast majority of people don’t want to deal with that fucking horse shit. They want the VC for the shit they already own. They don’t want to go out and buy all this extra bullshit to play those old games.


Res and frame rate diferences for tales of vesperia have been put up

1080p across the board. The only system that is consistent with 60fps is ps4.

Prey 2 dlc is coming dec. 11

New Conan game incoming

Also…looks like revies for smash are going up


Even doing that is a pain in the ass. Nintendo recent war on rom sites makes acquiring them difficult. The remaining sites took their stuff down to avoid getting fingersnap’d


You’re too late to the party then. It’s not like there have been new NES games put out the past 2 decades lol.


Literally no one is willing to do all that shit just to play an nes.


Why not hit up a pawn shop and grab an old CRT TV for 20 bucks? I mean, if you’re trying to be nostalgic and play those old games, might as well have them displayed as intended.

This is obviously directed at those of us who still own the original consoles.


Anyone who plays an NES on its original controller is a straight up insane masochist.

I hated it back then, I hate it now.

Gimmie “Jump” off-center under “Action” button, or GTFO, for real.


Yeah, but the SNES controllers are decent.


None of my local pawn shops will take CRTs much less sell them.


No shit? Dang, I’ve seen them here in New Mexico.



SNES diamond layout is grand.