Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


Actually their has been new NES games still being made, just without Nintendo’s Blessing.
As as the hardware patents expired long ago, Nintendo can’t do diddly squat over new game development.

Actually your wrong about that, there is a bigger market for Upscalling NES games than what mainstream gaming wants to admit. The Scene is almost as big as the FGC scene (with a bit of overlap).

I would, but finding a CRT in my neck of the woods been at best really difficult.
Most CRT TVs are just thrown away, Pawn shop and thrift shops ever will not even accept donations of CRTs.
So that leaves searching for old Computer monitors, which means you still need RGB mods.


I’ve seen Third World rent prices in New Mexico, so yeah.

Which is kind of grand.

Except for the MS13 that might kill me for beating them playing PURE Mexican ™ (without crossing arms).


Wait someone dug him up so that he could be buried again?


There been some half-way decent developments for 3rd party NES controllers over the years.
Hell if you one of 8Bitdo’s NES bluetooth dongles you could use any bluetooth enabled controller including the Dual Shock 3 and 4 and as well as SNES and Sega style controllers.


I always liked the NES controller Nintendo included with top loading NES.


Most people dont have room in their homes for multiple TVs, especially a fucking CRT. You forget how fat those fuckers are? They take up so much fucking space. I have two CRTs. Both are in storage because there is no room for either of them in my apartment.

@Hawkingbird Goodwill is the place to go for CRTs on the cheap.

My favorite NES controller is the one with the square button configuration. Two on top, two on the bottom.


Not all of them, my local good will refuses CRTs.


Yea some of em do. I didnt say you wouldnt have to shop around. Theres about 5 Goodwills in my city. 3 of them dont accept CRTs. The other two do. You have to look.

Another thing the majority of people aren’t willing to do.

People dont want to jump through all those fucking hoops, shit I dont want to jump through all those fucking hoops, thats why I NES game on my Vita anymore.

And saying the upscale community is about as big as th FGC proves the point because honestly the FGC is fucking small.


Okay I agree with that, my Vita has become my defacto Mobile Retro gaming Device.
Less hassle than a mobile Retro Pi build stuffed into a empty Gameboy shell.

I tried calling all the thrift shops in the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area, in which is a huge chuck of the state stretching from DC to almost the MS/PA state line. I also called PSB stations and a few community colleges who might be throwing old equipment away. Only thing I haven’t tried is reaching out to the Ham radio community.


Hell, my old 2012 Samsung 32" flat screen doubled as a space heater, much less my ancient 27" CRT.

Multitasking made simple.



Street Fighter V will be free to play for a week


I’m really sad that the reviews for Carcassonne are so bad. Apparently it’s really buggy, AI isn’t the best, no online play (though this was known its still a selling point to a lot of people) among other things. :frowning:


Dumb question: When will Julia Chang be available to play as in Tekken 7?


I don’t know who milly rock is but he’s suing epic for stealing his dance in Fortnite

Don’t know how well this is gonna work out


Can you even trademark a dance?


I would sell you one mine if I didn’t know for a fact the shipping costs would be astronomically high.

You can trademark a dance, but you gotta do it before the fact. You can’t do it afterwards and then be like “Well I meant to so you owe me money.”


You can try to copyright it, but then again the argument is the “swipe” transformative (which is allowed in Copyright law) or (using the language the article is using) misappropriated the likeness of the dance.

You aren’t required to register a trademark, and registering a copyright is optional.
You just have to have documentation that you did it first. But Registering it gives you more legal rights.

Its all up to how the judge wants to interpret the law and who’s lawyer has the better arguing point.


Yeah but if this guy wants to win then he should have trademarked from the get go. He comes off as patent troll to me.


The other argument point 2 Milly’s lawyers would take is that they are copying her music videos and not the live performance. Even if you can’t copyright a dance, if that dance is part of another performance you could argue that the dance is part of the video.

But all you need for a trademark is to have a brand name or insignia or logo that you reproduce the same time ever time on your merchandise and media. You don’t need to register a thing under the current law.

Another thing is with IP law is you have to be ready to defend your IP.
Letting too much slide by or letting a Trademark fall into common usage can get you to lose a Trademark, even if it is registered. Best Example of this is the Esculator case