Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


Whew look what I found in my parents basement. I knew I still had this somewhere. Time to hit up this time capsule store later.


Man I’ll be honest with you bro, I’m not sure that thing is even gonna boot…the fuck is that red shit around the reset switch? Lol.

I want that Chrono Trigger son. I have that DBZ game. Man sick find.


Old consoles are incredibly durable compared to their modern counterparts.
What would kill a PS4 or Xbox One would be cosmetic on a SNES or Genesis.

You drop a TV on your PS3, its done for. Do the same thing on your N64 and it might say it tickles.
Were not going to mention the Xbox 360, that known to be broken new out of the box 1 out of 4 times.

Most likely the SNES needs some cleaning and some TLC. Rubbing alcohol will sort most of that mess right up. I also go over the cart pins with a cotton swab and some alcohol too.
Worst case scenario, he need a recap which is a minor repair.

Only catch is you need a special screw driver bit for any repairs, but they are easy enough to buy on Amazon or eBay.


I like Chrono Trigger.

But I think I like the 3DS Remaster more than the O.G.

I love my special items.



i really wonder how many people who might have complained about the song with his voicelines being in the game would actually buy it and what kind of % they are in comparison to the people who give a shit.


I think most people don’t give a shit


I think a majority either wouldn’t have known or gave a shit but the vocal minority would have gotten louder to the point that the people who didn’t know would then know. It’s probably for the best PR that they did something about it just to avoid issues.


Looks like the name and boxart for the New Far Cry gor leaked


Here’s hoping the new vocal track is less screamo.


Anime scenes and bonus dungeon too!
DS chrono trigger is too strong.


Most people complained about Dante’s theme because it sounded like shit. The controversy was just an added bonus to get that trash removed.


so THQ apparently gets influenced by whatever is popular at the time when they make a darksiders game.
darksiders 1=zeldalike
darksiders 2=open world character action
darksiders 3=dark souls.
everyone is saying it feels very dark soulsy because enemies can kill in a few hits, if you die you gotta pick up the souls where you died, and healing potions just like in dark souls. and narrow corridors. not open world.
so if you like dark souls…


RE2 gameplay



I needed this yesterday.


I wish Sony got the exclusive marketing fir DMCV instead of RE2R. Want the demo NOOOW!!!

V looks cool, and they one upped my one wish to see the return of Shadow Cat as an enemy by making it playable instead.

Glad Subhuman is still in the game :slight_smile:


Free play means more newer players which means…


More developments with the PS1 classic, someone found a list of all the games that should be on the device including games that got cut


the leaked dmc v tga trailer