Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


I’m a weirdo,but I would like to see Sindel return for MK 11.


Bruh that finisher is that’ll make Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash blush!!


I’d like to see her return too. I mained her back in MK9


That Kabal looks sick.

Nothing weird about that. I’d like to see her return as well.



Oh shit Kabal is back? Hype!


I am horrible in that the last MK I actually liked, was Arcade Ultimate MK3.

MK3 and 2 were the only ones I genuinely enjoyed.

The 3D ones just never gelled with me.

God knows I tried (I bought all of them).

LeleleLui Kang on a bicycle kick in 2.

And 3 had Best Cast. ™


Apparently they are supposed to be revealing another character on inside xbox


Kitana in the MK movies is so hot.


People in the chat are saying d’vorah got revealed already

Edit: had to back up the vid to confirm and yeah Dvorah was confirmed. Just showed artwork of her, no gameplay.


jupp, here a image of d´vorah

And people, dont forget there is a MK11 Thread too. Maybe you want to bring some life into it…


This is not a game…its an experience


EA working on new NFS, PvsZ and gave a release window for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Fallen Order is supposed to be coming this fall

Respawn says they are now working on some other Titanfall game



I really enjoyed Crackdown till the fuckin’ game fucked me over. I had nearly all the agility orbs and I was stocked. Then for some unknown reason the game decided to delete my save. I never picked it up again.
Fuck Crackdown.

MK games suck ass.

Dead Cells is still my crack. I just really like this game. I love that I can play as little as I want or play for an hour and I always start where I stopped playing.

That makes me realize something that Ive wanted to deny for a long time now. I caynt really get into games with heavy stories that take 40+ hours to finish anymore. The stories never interest me and I don’t really like playing games for long periods of time anymore.


Dio and Jotoro Kujo just got announced for Jump Force on the xbox stream. Edit: announced probably shouldn’t be the right word since IIRC they already announced those 2 but they did have a trailer showing gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ships 5 mill, fastest selling KH game

DoA 6 Runs 1080P on PS4 pro, Xbone X can reach up to 4K, Xbone X will be the only version of the game with HDR, PC included

Capcom Q3 report

They are expecting RE2 and DMCV to sell 8.4 mill…was it mentioned that they’re doing a live action Megaman film? I can’t remember if that was mentioned before.


First time I saw her was in License to Kill. One of the old Timothy Dalton 007 films.



This sewer sections really starting to wear out its welcome.


Yeah I’ve seen pretty often that people aren’t really into it overall lol


Its just a bit overly long and for an arwa filled with poison enemies theres a real lack of healing down here. Been stuck on Danger for like two hours now and have found two, maybe 3 green herbs. Everything else is blue herbs which is nice for the poison but yea.

Im almost done and now that i k ow what to do it will go by a lot faster next time. Got that Blighttown effect where its just kind of a shitty place to be but not so bad once you know what to do.

You also move slower in Danger mode and thats been making this take a decent amount of time longer to. Takes a while to get around when you are limping everywhere.


I’m LOVING what they’re doing for fatalities now. I hope they can keep this trend going.