Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


I found the sewers to be rather short personally. The area is done as soon as you complete the chess puzzle. With the overabundance of herbs in the police station you shouldn’t be lacking in healing items by the time you get there.


Yea well i am.


I dunno I thought that the sewers were pretty little and short. Like the actual size of it wasn’t very big.

As for healing stuff, I pretty much never ever used a green herb by itself. I mixed every one with a red herb and pretty much mixed all of them with blue herbs too. I did use a green herb here and there, maybe twice, earlier on, but I quickly realized there are enough red herbs out there to just mix them together. I would only ever use em once I hit danger. I never had any issues and ended the game with like 5 mixed green/red/blue things.


Yea ive mixed mine with reds or blues, taking them by themselves is a waste, RE101. Im pretty much out of reds and greens but i got a shit load of useless blues.

The sewers arent huge but they are kind of drag and getting around is a little annoying. Its not the worst or anything but i would have been happier with them leaving the sewers alone and giving us the two locations between the lab instead. Dont see much a reason to expand the sewers section, its a little dull and plodding and a little annoying with the G monsters. Its not fun to explore down here like the RPD, its just kind of drag.

Thats all. Its not ruining the game by any means, its just worn out its welcome, im ready to move on.

Edit: Made it to the lab. Finally.


I had to do YT work stuff!!!

Sindel is actually who I wanna see the most next week, since we know they are not showing D’vorah. I would say Mileena but I have a very strong feeling she won’t be in the game due to Baraka being in and him doing a lot of her signature biting stuff, can’t have 2 biters on a roster :frowning:

That said abandon all hope anyways cause its gonna be lame ol Kitana


Also kombat kast freakin owned and goD BLESS ED BOON








Claire A down. 10 hours 6 minutes. Leon next.


Wargroove gets its development costs covered in 3 days

Good shit on these guys




So looks like they only have it set up right now for the first encounter. Hopefully they can get attached him throughout the game.


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Man, there are so many cool games on PC that its hard to justify paying for PS+ for me at the moment.

60 buys me 20+ games Im gonna ignore. I can definitely see why PC gamers arent really trying to fuck with consoles all that much.


Glad to read that Command and Conquer rivals flopped…now give me a proper C&C game you greedy pussies.


Told ya. :coffee: