Video Game General 6.1.2: In RE2 Even The Band Flock Of Seagulls Cant Run Away From Mr. X


Stu paid $250. Are you shitting me?

Most games are not worth sixty let alone $250.

Damn, maybe his self imposed exile is really due to his shame over buying KH3.


He wanted them toys and stickers.


I’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game have no desire too. Never been big on Disney characters, so I never saw the allure.


I’ll always think of Hawthorne Heights when I think of Kingdom Hearts.


Isn’t that the joke, though?

The meta is KH3 does not deserve better effort.


Too bad I literally never said anything even close to that. I haven’t even played the game enough to even warrant an opinion on it. What I did say was that while playing my power flickered which I was grumpy over so I stopped playing. So I have no idea when it saved my progress or if it even saved my progress. Since then I’ve either been too busy or simply don’t have the energy (yay depression) to play it

You literally spend $100’s of dollars on a single transformer. Frequently.


Also, hi.


What up, Stu!


LOL Stu, what a hiatus…

But welcome back.


Not really but thanks for playing.

I’ve spent around 250 in 13 years of mainline transformers. I have roughly 100 deluxe figures ranging from 10-20 in price.

Also by waiting for sales and buying most games at Black Friday to Xmas, you take less net loss when trading them in. Just saying.


Not exactly back. I don’t plan on being frequent. I’m mainly only going to log in to post videos in the Switch thread and post shit in the wrestling thread. Those are my babies so I want to keep them updated.

I’ll probanly pop in here and maybe the lounge every now and again. Just not frequently.

Nothing. Just got done with stupid long work week. I was 2pm-11pm all week. I absolutely hate when they schedule me that shift. I prefer morning or midday shifts.


If something isn’t worth someone’s best effort, it isn’t worth doing at all.


New Guru larry Video. I always find his videos super fascinating


Just as it was getting peaceful here, here returns the Stu.


someone thank me for conjuring Stu back from the dark recess of the netherworld with my white magic.



Plz. Don’t flatter yourself.


obviously transformers > mickey mouse


If that were the case, we’d not have KH3, much less be having this discussion.


Summoning you, “his” magic, said magic being white, or all three? :coffee:


The challenges and rewards of working with Disney


Its not a metroidvania, whoever told you that doesnt know what the word kinda sorts means.

Shovel Knight is like a cross between Mario Bros 3 and Ducktales on NES, with Megaman stage design sensabilities. Its very good if you like NES style platformers.