Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


Not aware of Sony’s new censorship policies? A lot of dweeb games have been forced to alter their content. A Senran Kagura game had to remove a mode. A few games had their Western releases cancelled.

He might not if the game in question is Overwatch. Blizzard is getting retarded with community policing with that game.


Naw those Senran Kagura games look fucking terrible so I haven’t been following anything about them.


Generally speaking, Sony has been known to be “overpriced” for their stereo equipment. I’d put headphones into that as well.

And again, that doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that if you do research you can probably get stuff that performs just as well or better for the same price.


You also put Bose into something you would purchase. Again, they are in the same exact realm as Beats as far as “being overpriced for what you get” so that too is a bit confusing.


dude, im not psychic to know the model and brand name of those headphones you posted an image of


Despite the constant barrage of cringe worthy fan service the games are pretty solid. They’re an interesting take on Hack n slash.


senran K, theyre sorta like dynasty warriors games except you have fun air combos add in.


And titties.


Mad Box system announced by slightly mad studios

System is 3.5 years off. Don’t know what to think of this but I guess we’ll know how well this holds up by the time xbox next and PS5 get released.


not even gonna lie i like senran kagura. pc version of the upcoming game is uncensored if anyone cares.


Talking about a console that is 3.5 years off is pretty stupid at this point. Even giving specs and stuff is completely pointless. I guess giving target goals is good to at least have something they are set for, but tech changes so quickly.

And that console is ugly as shit. It wouldn’t stop me from getting one because it’s in a closet anyways, but damn that thing is hideous.


I like how the Mad Box looks, pretty unique. Hope it does well, we need some new blood in the console market


The console is ugly as fuck. I would refuse to put that thing with the rest of my consoles.


Yeah, that thing is fucking hideous.

Also, Bloodborne is still the best game ever.


Catherine might be getting a PC release

Hitman HD enhanced collection coming to ps4 and xbone digitally on jan 11

Conarium for PS4 and Xbone launches in Feb


Gross…ill continue to nope on that thanks.


“Uncensored” isn’t exactly the right term. The only difference between the PC version and PS4 version is that Sony made Marvelous take out the “Intimacy mode” which was pretty much you dressing up the girls in basically shoe strings and molest them. And given all of the girls in Senran Kagura are of very questionable age, I kinda don’t blame them.

Edit: that mad box looks fucking stupid. It will likely be severely over priced too.


Beats use cheap ass plastics and off the shelf drivers. Skull candy are the better head phones there.

But what I know, I use sennheiser and AKG


yeah all of that is true and it’s sony’s platform so they can do whatever i guess it just weird to see Nintendo get lax and sony of all people to tighten restrictions. but this stuff will only effect niche developers they prob wont ever try up a bigger jap developer.


I thought Sony was only censoring the pedo shit that weebs eat up? It’s still funny that people were pissed about it, trying to hide under the “don’t censor art” bs.


it’s pretty much only shitty low budget jrpgs from idea factory, senran, and that one dungeon crawler that they banned from the platform after the esrb had already rated it. i can’t deny that out of all those games that senran is the only one with some quality but i also wont front and say im not a fan of anime tiddy. while i don’t really care about most of those games you know the possibility that they could come for something i give a shit about is there.