Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


Nintendo has been the most lax on 3rd Party censorship since the N64. Anyone remember the Cereberal Bore from Turok…


man my parents bought me turok from a pawn shop when i was 8 i didn’t know what the fuck was going on in that game other than you were a cool native American with alien weapons that fought dinosaurs?


Yeah the sequel had multiplayer. The Cereberal Bore was a weapon that fired a projectile that drilled into your enemy’s skull and ejected their brain matter.


i wonder who’s got that franchise now. i know they did a reboot during the 360/ps3 era.


Darksiders IIIs issues are starting to get in the way of the game…

Like having shit attack you from across a ravine while your characters are chatting. Fuck you game, jesus.


Nintendo should take back Turok and have Retro Studios make a new game. For now I am happy to play the old games on PC


There’s nothing for Nintendo to take back. Acclaim published the Turok games. Even if Nintendo was interested Turok is a comic IP.


wish you had recorded that.


After the turok reboot in the mid 2000’s, I don’t want it back. I’ll just keep playing Seeds of Evil on repeat forever.


That cheat code will be forever burned into my brain.


I remember liking the reboot game.


Needs the old announcer


I’ve never played any of these games but I still think it’s a really bad sign when a platform holder has the power to influence what aspects of a game are ‘okay’ and which aren’t. I don’t remember the name but there’s a game on PS4 which got patched to retroactively delete a feature or game mode that was present since launch because Sony wasn’t ok with it anymore.

Doesn’t get any worse than that, no matter what kind of content we’re talking about. You’re either forever fine with a game releasing on your platform or you’re not. Thankfully history shows that such hubris doesn’t last forever.


Omega Labyrinth Z was straight up denied US and European ports of the game. As In ESRB and PEGI refused to give it a rating.

Senran had to take out intimacy mode

And there there is Noraneko a game so heavily censored on the PS4 version in the US the game went from a M rating to E10+. It was released uncensored on PC and Switch with an ESRB rating of M.


Damn that MK1 HD remake looks pretty tight. Makes me wonder what a new MK game would look like with digitized people instead of what NRS has been doing.


Either my internet is slow or PSN is sluggish. Been trynna download SFV for like 30 minutes but shit never loads🤦🏾

EDIT: Nvm, finally did it. Idk what the hell that was about


I’m sorry for your loss.


It was your PS4 trying to reject a virus.


i see thanks for the correction your a pretty knowledgeable dude.


I didn’t record that, but I’ve recorded other stuff. I’m putting it together as a little glitch compilation/review thing.

Cuz at the end of the day I like this game, its fun, but the performance issues…are a fucking issue and if I’m gonna jump Bethesdas balls every time they release a glitch fill turd, then I gotta point it out in games I like to.


Uppercut recovery was pretty fast, meaning some combos cant cant be done in MK1 are probably possible. Also jump kick looks to act more like MK2 or 3, meaning more stuff possible afterwards.

I may DL this and play with it.

Also…maaaaaaan SNKH, combo system so fucking good. True waste of a game. KOF15 needs some of these ideas.