Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


@gasaraki would disagree. Lol.

I would too, tbh. It just happens I remember reading all that stuff on reddit so I googled the articles and posted them.


Huh? Why’d you @ me?


Gasa doesn’t think you’re dumb lol. He probably, like me, thinks you complain, or chime a negative opinion in too often, often enough that you liking something comes as a surprise, not the other way around lol.


stuart’s problem is that he is too self centered and egotistical.
he thinks that anything he doesnt like is automatically factually shit regardless if the rest of the human race loves it.
he thinks only his likes vs dislikes opinions matters.
is it weird to talk about someone behind their back? wait! shhhhhh! he’s coming. quick, everyone pretend that we were talking about something else.

so about those EA layoffs…


You are on some shit, sir.


No that not Stuart at all.

You are looking at the wrong hombre.


no. its the right hombre.
i know.
cuz i’m stalking him.
he and i, we are gonna get married. we are in love. he just doesnt know it yet.



Don’t insult viruses.

They at least, have a few of the parameters necessary to be classified as a living organism.


sheeeeeeit, it brings back memories to see this old hype shit again and with the main man Yipes on commentary of course… " aint nobody to dryyyy your eyes… drive me crazyyyy… " (*and yeah I still have all that music on the ol’ ipod)


Uh, I’m pretty sure viruses specifically aren’t considered living things.


That is precisely what I stated.

But they exhibit more of the basic parameters for life than SFV does.

And this :coffee: sucks.

I blame SFV.


Monster Boy has been owned.


215 deaths? Seems harder than it looks.

Still hoping for a physical release at some point, I’m not going to spend that much money on a download.


i guess you made the 100% run after you beat the game? how long did it take you for the “normal” run trough?


15 hours and 42 minutes.

And @delete_me I own the physical copy so I’m not really sure wtf you are talking about.


Turns out you spoiled Americans got a physical release while we didn’t. With a manual and cute stickers.

Time to import.


Darksiders III continuing the series tradition of lackluster endings lol.

You know what with the “change if hands” and companies this series went through this game really needed to make good impression and it would have without the performance issues.

Here’s hoping they continue to patch it up and get it running well, its a fun faster paced sorta dark souls-ish sorts thing. Shares a couple mechanics and design ideas and goes for the Dark Souls 1 style world design which I highly approve of. Mostly pulls it off to.


damn, man… I still haven’t even started Starlink yet… I want to but Smash Ultimate is SO damn good (I’m up to about 40 hours or so played on it so far)…and on top of that the new season for Diablo 3 is about to start very soon. I had to go back to Classic mode lately for more gold since I am finally running out of that and other things. Once again—there’s SO much going on in this game; it’s like a full course meal in a world where other companies are just giving you a tiny, cheap, barely cooked burger patty and charging extra for each slice of bread, each napkin (haha “Napkin DLC”), individual side items, each ice cube in your drink, the straw, etc.


Yeah the manual is pretty cool actually. I forgot about that till you mentioned it.