Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


man i bought xrd and lol, i completely forgot how to play guilty gear. its been years since accent core. sad thing tho is i could prob pick up and play in a short while and have my memory refreshed regarding combos if it wsnt for the fact they changed alotta moves for the old accent core characters.
i wish they hadnt changed special moves on me like that. it oly makes me feel more lost.


Borderlands GotY edition rated in taiwan

I’m assuming just the first game.

Catherine Full Body announcement coming Jan 10

New DMCV demo coming in Feb for both PS4 and Xbone, old demo deleted


If that Borderlands GotY edition for PS4 is true I will definitely grab. borderlands 1 is probably in my top 10, maybe top 5 favorite PS3 games. And this is coming from someone who fucking hates FPS games. Borderlands 1 is just too strong though. I loved everything about it.

Brick was my dude.

Catherine announcement is probably (hopefully :crossed_fingers:) release date


The fact that Xrd changed specials was a minor inconvenience, but some of the changes to normals made me absolutely livid (especially Baiken’s 2 HS in Rev 2).

P.S. Less than three weeks until Resident Evil 2 remake drops.



damn they seem kinda late with that Borderlands GOTY there… I had to look it up to remember… even the Handsome Collection is “old” at this point. (released in 2015)…and it seems backwards to release that such a long time after Handsome Collection was already out. I put an insane amount of time in Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel then again in the “Collection” years ago. I just want at least some good preview footage of part 3…and it’s getting to a point where they’ve probably waited too late for some people on that.

It randomly hit me yesterday how much I miss the Lost Planet franchise… such a shame that one was never a huge hit. I was one of the few that enjoyed the hell out of part 2. If you had people to play with it was non-stop good times there…like playing through a summer blockbuster action movie, where all of you are action-heroes doing badass shit to save the world. Part 3 looked like a travesty that deserved to be forgotten though.


I wish someone had told me that Lady Maria was the best boss ever. I wouldn’t have believed them but then I would have had to grudgingly admit it over time. As it stands, I’m just gushing over her. Fucking hell, what a fight.


You and me both, man - you and me both.

FPS games usually bore me to tears.

But Borderlands is that Shoot 'n Loot Crack.

Particularly part1, where the scaling is done in a sane manner.

Go, go, go, early game [Green] Masher!

(Imma use Mord first, this time)


She is fuckin awesome but the best fight is yet to come.


Nintendo partners with HumbleBundle

Mordecai was who I first used, them Roland and then Brick. I don’t think I ever used Lilith. My gf at the time did though when we played. She seems pretty good but I just loved Brick so much


My 2018 GOTY - Spider-Man
My 2018 Overrated GOTY - RDR2

Don’t @ me


She’s awesome. Loved the fight, hated her third form but still lived it at the same time.

Had to give BB a break though. The more I play the worse I get. I’ll start it back up when I’m down to farm again. I’m at the end of the main game, and one or two bosses away from beating the DLC, I think…


I’m fucking trembling…


Midgar STILL only having two music tracks in Ultimate is a travesty. Every other third party character’s music selection is looking like a king and Cloud is off crying in a corner because Square Enix won’t allow remixes. I’d even be fine with more FF music or music from other Square Enix games. Chrono Trigger, SaGa Frontier, Parasite Eve, Dragon Quest, but nope, just two measly tracks. Keep effin’ up Square Enix. It really is what you do best.


Soldier 76 is now gay

I feel a bit conflicted on this and I’m trying to find out exactly why especially since I was completely ok with Tracer. I’m fairly certain it’s because I’m feeling that it’s forced in comparison.


inb4 sonic fox plays it and its his fault :honeybee:


i haaaaaaaaaaate the story mode in DBFZ. its a pain in the ass to get through.
i also hate they offer as dlc the music from the show, but not complete songs. like wtf.


Because Blizz makes up Overwatch story shit on the fly, Tracer was Bi out the gate, he wasn’t gay till they started working on this short and decided to make him gay.

Can’t even call it character development since the game has no fucking story arc to speak of.


Yeah. It’s honestly just pandering. Like it’s cool that LGBT+ are getting representation in games but like, in overwatch’s instance it just feels like pandering and hollow gestures.


S76 being gay was hinted at in the same comic where Tracer was revealed as gay.