Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


I don’t remember that probably because I only thought that was just a picture of a friend or something. I still feel like it was a bit forced but if they actually did hint at it before I feel better about it.



Lilith was my second character, after our boy, B.

She’s broken as all fuck, and quite fun, with a Hellfire.

Then I tried Roland out, got bored as possible, and switched to Mord.

Roland was so bad, comparatively, it both makes sense that he was offed, and makes me feel worse about it.

On another note, I just decided to go ahead and give the Pre-Sequel another try, and am now having fun Wombat glitching Nel for Skullsmashers to Grinder into near-end-of-first-playthough viable options.

Got a Cat 'o Nine Tails, and a couple of other nice things, for when I get my Minerva up to snuff.


Dead or Alive 6 delayed to March 1

PS4 tops 91.6 mil worldwide, Spider-man tops 9 mil


A 2 week delay for DOA6 isn’t terrible but that’s uncomfortably close to MK11 which is going to be the much more appealing title.

I know if I was a casual and had the choice to choose between DOA6 which is a super niche arguably relatively unknown franchise or MK11 which has a legacy and is known the world over. I’d choose MK11


Yakuza Kiwami 2

Yakuza 6

Wonder Boy Dragons Trap


Megaman 11

Monster Boy

Shenmue 1

Bayonetta 2



Phantasy Star

Let’s Go Pokemon

These would be my games of 2018 in order. I’d almost switch Wonder Boy’s and MM11 places buuut, Wonder Boy has hand drawn art and MM11 only bad thing is the constant noise he makes (which surprisingly didn’t irritate me, but it’s a game of inches). Maybe Monster Boy is better than both? Not that far into it, but it axes so far.

Edit: forgot Fist of the North Star. Another reason I’m chilling out on purchases. Probably middle of my list.



2018 was pretty ass for me.

Fighting EX Layer.

I might not even own anything else that I bought that year. That includes Fallout 76, and Soul Calibur. SC isn’t bad per say, but I’m not interested in learning the frames, ect, I’ll need to know to compete.

I spent a lot of time playing random FG’s and probably most time playing Friday the 13th, which I have on both consoles. Been kind of ass to play it on PS4 as of late, they offered it for free in October, and there’s been so many fucking kids playing. “Does anyone have a mic” no, no one wants to talk to you.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Ys VIII are probably the standout games of 2018 for me.


God of War (PS4), Reverie (PS4/Vita), and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) were all impressive games that came out in 2018, so I have no complaints.

P.S. DoA 6 doesn’t really look to offer any improvements on the series formula and features a number of generic additions and baffling gameplay changes. It stacks up poorly to any AAA fighting game.


My favorite games of 2018:

God of War
Astro Bot

Notable mentions:

Beat Saber
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom



I’m not buying Dragons Dogma again Capcom. Make a fucking sequel, then we can talk.


I still gotta buy God of War, Spiderman and Beat Saber (going to get that one tonight) to wrap up the games I wanted to play for 2018.
Backlog is slowly going down. KH3 and RE2 probably gonna throw a wrench into that, but I’m getting down to mostly games that don’t take more than like 10-15 hours to beat at most.



The Princess Guide looks up my alley. I’ll be on the lookout for it.


The good news is that more people should play it and bask in its greatness.



One shot demo? you only get to play it once or what?


Pretty much, though that only really matters if you’re on Xbox One. Steam will mod that away within a day and PS4 you can just create as many accounts as you want for free anyway.


I read that more as you have 1 round of ammo in your gun and it’s a timed 30 minute demo.


Here you go…

Per a press release provided by Capcom, the 1-Shot Demo challenges players to survive Raccoon City in just 30 minutes. You’ll be playing as Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer. On his first day as a cop, those in charge send Kennedy to Raccoon City where he must battle zombies and solve puzzles within the time allowed.

If players can complete the mission objective in less than 30 minutes, they can restart and continue to play the demo until they use up the allotted time.

If you die, you’ll be able to continue as many times as you need to until the full 30 minutes expires. You CANNOT restart the demo once your 30 minutes are up.

Concluding the demo unlocks a new cinematic trailer that is exclusive to those who participate in the preview. You can rewatch the trailer as many times as you want after it’s unlocked.