Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


Thought only Nintendo with the Wii U pulled that bs with timed demos. I’ll be downloading it though.


Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark releases for Switch Jan 17th

Digital only but will have a 20% discount for the first 2 weeks

Olli Olli 1 and 2 coming to Switch as Olli Olli Switch stance


That One-Shot demo for REmake2 sounds extremely shitty.


If we’re talking games of the year, then Dissidia Final Fantasy NT wins for me by default. I bought a lot of new games this year compared to my usual, but none of them really kept my interest like the crossover that spawned a million more dirty fanfiction stories.


I find it wild that dissidia nt was released what? Mid 2018 and it’s already under $20. I feel bad for my bestie who bought the $150 or however much it was version.

I think the only game that tanked faster in price last year was Dynasty Warriors 9. Though that game was unplayable when released. Even with all the patches and updates they’ve released for it it still sucks.

Re: 2018 GotY: I don’t really have one? Though I bought quite a few games last year I didn’t really play any of them? I was either just too busy or simply didn’t have the motivation to play anything. Which makes me super sad. Hopefully 2019 will be better since Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story+Bowser Jrs Journey amd Kingdom Hearts III are all coming out this month and within days of each other. I’m insanely hype for all three. Here’s to hoping. :crossed_fingers:


It came out about a year ago as I recall. It’s trucking along; the community is small but loyal. That game was always going to be niche as fuck.


The only reason they’re doing a One-Shot Demo is because of the incessant bitching of the RE community to get a demo. They likely weren’t going to do one at all and then said, fuck it we’ll just give them the Showroom Demo.


Yeah, I just looked it up. End of January of last year. Still though. Going from $60 to under $20 (which it’s been at for a while) is a little depressing.


Don’t worry, Battlefield V will be there within 2 months.

Dissidia is a F2P game masquerading as a Full Fledged title, and I don’t necessarily mean it as an insult. It’s a fun game, but not really something worth spending much money on. It’s perfect as a F2P game to get players hooked and then go in to buy their favorite FF character. Hence why they’re switching to that model at least in Japan (but it’ll be here within months).


Battlefield deserves it. EA deserved it for trying to call out customers in their complaints. The customers called their bluff and didn’t buy the game which lost EA Billions. It was beautiful.


Battlefield V was half price a week after release. Giving them two months is generous


My Faves of 2018:

Red Dead Redemption 2…Prays that the Remastered & updated version of RDR1 becomes available as a massive single player DLC expansion!!

God Of War…Nuff said!!

Monster Hunter World (PS4 AND PC), decided around this time last year to go ahead try this game, been hooked ever since!!

Spider-man PS4

Honorable mentions:

Injustice season 3: TMNT!!

SFV…season 3:


Megaman 11
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


I’m eager to start S2 as it’ll be my first time playing it, but I’m enjoying the first one and just hitting the training to level up moves. I’m at the part where I’m going to have to hit the docks but I want to max out moves first.

I read that Yu Suzuki was looking to make the fighting more inline with Arkham and Yakuza which is a bummer. I love Yakuza and haven’t played the Arkham games, but I always loved that this game had fighting game inputs for moves so I’m hoping they make it back. Maybe they’ll have a ‘Beginner’ and ‘Advanced’ method of control? I’m hopinig.


I started playing Guacamelee 2. The first game is my favorite metroidvania game and this second one might have just bumped it down. The platform puzzles are more challenging, there’s more to do in the chicken form and the grapples are more refine. It would have been cool to try out the 4 player co-op but I don’t have enough people for it.


The hardest optional platforming sections are ridiculously tough, much harder than anything in the original IMO.


Something fantastic 4 related may be coming to Spider-man


As I mentioned in the Switch thread, Yoshi’s Crafted World is $53 on amazon right now after a coupon.


Somebody obviously hasn’t played the series at a level that matters nor understands all the new stuff being added to 6.

The most subtle but important fundamental change is the buff to sidesteps. This is something that DOA has always been historically weak at, with a bigger emphasis on the pressure game. 6 fixes this longstanding issue with the series, not only by increasing the sidesteps speed and range, and tying it to a safe sidestep attack, but also by nerfing the re-tracking on a number of strings.

The meter system makes more sense than the one that’s been added into the most recent SoulCaliburs. At the very least, meter build isn’t tied to some unnecessary mechanic like Reversal Edge, and builds more naturally. The options out of meter are IMO, better implemented too, since they all consume different amounts of meter, with the universal counter (no high, mid, low guessing) tied to 1 stock and the super tied to 2.

This all ties to the new “Fatal Rush” combo done by hitting SSS, since this applies a “Fatal Stun” state where opponents cannot use regular holds even in critical state. This means it’s a tool that’s now used to force the opponent to spend meter early, instead of saving it up for big damage later on. The same “Fatal Stun” state can also be applied by cancelling out of supers, including guaranteed relaunches.

Finally, though this one is a reversion to older systems than a new change. DOA6 does away with the system in 4 and 5 where launch heights were dependent on how deep the opponent was in Critical Stun, which is the stun state within combos where they could counter hold out of. This meant that getting good damage required players to play in critical and risk getting counter held. With this taking out, we’re now back to DOA2/3 style “stun-launch” combos, where BNBs basically lead to launches as soon as the opponent is in Critical Stun, in short just one guess to escape chance in a combo.

Add this all up, with the better sidestepping, less holding out of combos, and more ways to extend damage without the risk of getting held, then the game looks to put much more focus on neutral and fighting to land that first hit, instead of emphasizing guessing games in and out of stun.


I preordered it when it was first announced so I’m getting it for $47.99. :sunglasses:


Yeah I should have when they had the 20% preorder stuff.