Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


Look at who you talking to. When has he displayed a clear understanding of anything?


DOA may not be able to compete with MK sales
or popularity wise, but i remember most DOA games having good controls and smooth gameplay not to mention being just fun to play

MK has gotten better over the years, but it still feels jerky & stiff at times. Im sure both titles will be good tho


Look who you are talking to… Oh! I was beaten to it by Hawkingbird!

Oh well, have more Elayne Beaumont art




I haven’t followed it as closely as you, hence the use of the word “look”. The one and only DoA I enjoyed was DoA 2 Ultimate. However, having attacks attached to sidestep is limiting relative to the system in Virtua Fighter 4+ as it requires commitment and is less free form. Having a special button for easy combos is also kinda disheartening given the already simple inputs of the games. I will always be against meter in 3D fighters that revolve around pokes as the existence of the overpowered options kill momentum and make most of the moveset outside of simple jabs and low kicks too risky to use. Additionally, I already felt that the potential damage off a single landed hit was excessive in 5 Ultimate.

The generic additions refer to characters and stages. I don’t think anyone who is not a fan already is going to see this game and think that it offers an experience worth $60 when DoA 5 Last Round is already available for much cheaper and probably offers more content as a result of multiple revisions.


Sidestep attacks are separate from sidesteps.

The “Special” button is just a macro for H+P+K. Besides, “easy combos” are a pointless argument in a sub-genre where you get combos pressing PPP or KKK.

Meter may be an acquired taste, but I’ve always seen it as something that was a natural evolution of the genre. Used right, it allows many things that you wouldn’t normally be able to allow in the name of balance. A highly damaging attack that also acts as a sabaki that can only be beaten by lows is one (in reference to DOA6’s Break Blows). You’d never have such moves without meter, but with meter, they allow for a way to change how a match up plays mid match.


Is that a real thing that’s being used for a game or just some random sexy Castlevania homage?


I disagree much like they fucked over Titanfall 2 by releasing it between massive titles, Battlefield probably should have been held back because it got rocked by CoD and Red Dead. Plain and simple. Whether the folk that got butt hurt over women being playable in historical fiction war games got called out or not the game was in trouble. Also their supposed battle royal mode which was delayed to this year.


From what I read, they are working on a Castlevania NES homage.


I finally picked it up… I’m HYPE.




Battlefield V got delayed to November to prevent another case of Titanfall 2 from happening. The game had no competition in the month it was released and still bombed hard. Likely for all the reasons Stu mentioned.


Yeah. The CEO of EA literally said on twitter “buy it or don’t. I really don’t care”


Same guy called people who complained about the game’s historical authenticity uneducated.


This was posted shortly after the trailer dropped and the complaints came pouring out from the fan base.

Like, I agree with the dude. But their main target audience (neck bearded, edge lords and bro gamers) called him on his bluff and didn’t buy the game which caused DICE and in turn EA billions


I think the Board of Trustees and his investors would care if people took that advice to heart and not buy their shit. That said I refuse to buy from EA. I hope they go broke and sold off piece meal to everyone else in the industry.


Good shit. Don’t play Exdeath.


Is he broken? I don’t play online anyway, unless it’s because he sucks.


He isn’t broken at all…but any Dissidia old heads will still come for you based on him being broken back in Duodecim. When I was doing his trophy it was like I had extra targets on my back.