Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


I haven’t played Dissidia since the first one lol
So the game has definitely changed a lot. There are no more 1v1 fights?


Nope. And when you’re forced to single someone out you’ll see why very quick. Gotta play as a team here.


Exdeath is still annoying in NT, but no, he’s not broken anymore. He doesn’t get a free HP attack for having full assist meter anymore. He’s just irritating. His name is also stupid.


Cause it’s a stupid translation of Japanese trying to say “Exodus”.


they make madden, not going broke anytime soon. and fifa for the rest of the world.



Itsuno interview, DMCV is 15-16 hours long

Fighting EX Layer getting updated on Jan 10th

Song of Memories for ps4 comes to ps4 feb 1st, switch version canceled due to ‘complications’


You think Madden and Fifa alone is going to keep EA afloat, you are mistaken.
Despite Konami doping their soccer title, FIFA Soccer isnt exclusive to EA
And If Disney pulls their Star Wars License from EA, Well Madden could be next

Madden only possible becase EA has to pay off to 3 difference royalties to maintain the 3 licenses for Madden football.

One to John Madden for the use of his name, One to the NLF for the Stadiums, team logos and NLF branding, and one to the NLF Players Association for rights to the players names and likeness.
And the NLFPA dont give a fuck about EA at all or to video games. NLFPA only puts up with EA as EA pays money to them. When the NFLPA own agenda no longer feels the Madden game doing them justice, they will pull their license they only care about the players themselves, not to the game of football, not the NLF and specially not to EA.


Heads up if you like SteelBooks RE2-Remake Steelbook is on sale by itself at BestBuy.


Jesus I can’t believe there is a market for empty steel boxes.


The fact that steel book case is available for purchase and not a universal preorder bonus like they always are pretty much proves Capcom thinks it’s fan are a bunch of suckers.


The fact that people are going to buy them proves Capcom is correct.


I mean. You’re not wrong.


The Fan Base… or Debased Fans?

A: Cacpcom:

What’s the difference?


I’m not a fan of steel book cases so it’s an easy pass.


I personally hate steel cases. They’re usually ugly and They fuck up the flow of my PS4 cases on my shelf. I hate that the Shadow of the Tomb Raider didn’t have an option to opt out of the Steel book cass when it came to preordering it yet a few weeks later they released a non-Steel book case version.

I also hate that my Special edition of KH3 comes in a steel book case.

Whenever I got steel book cases for ordering games at GameStop I’d always donate mine it to the store or give it to a little kid who couldn’t preorder for the fact he’s a kid. It always made their day which made mine.


I hate steel books because the paint on them chips easily. You need a sleeve to protect the artwork.


I actually like steel book cases but I don’t go out of my way to get them or pay extra.

I wish Yakuza 0 was a steel box since Kiwami 1 and 2 had them as the default packaging.



I love love love steel book cases…i also don’t go out of my way to get them tho. Will scoop one of Those RE2 Steel cases when they are 5 bucks lol.