Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


Gonna pre-order Judgment. I guess pre-orders have been live since December (the game’s Japanese release date). I thought it’s arcade games were only Moto Raid and Fighting Vipers, but it also includes VF5:FS, Space Harrier, Puyo puyo and Kamurocho of the Dead, which is a HOTD inspired game but with zombies from the Yakuza zombie game.

Consider me pumped.


Find someone with a regular edition who would be interested in a trade.



The only other person I know that’s getting KH3 is also getting the steel book edition.


Not surprised FEXL is getting an update. Ground to air teleport could get a bit too ridiculous, even for FEXL.

Hope this isn’t too expensive, and is released in decent numbers.



I feel like this is entirely possible.


Jump Force getting a beta in Jan

Jan 18 to Jan 20

Nis America announcong new title in Jan 17


As much as I like the idea of Jump Force, it just seems like a pretty version of J Stars Vs, which wasn’t all that good. Think I’ll wait on a price drop before I dive in

That said, ill try to get in on the beta to see if it’ll change my opinion


The artwork fucking sucks who would buy this

this! is art


I hate horror movies, but loved playing this game. This is a video about the game’s inspiration, creation, and how that drag tentacle was hell to develop.



I may think Sonic Team Racing looks meh right now but this OST is prob gonna be fire. Welcome back Mr. Jaques!



So I finally beat RDR2, such a great game.


You get through the Epilogue, too? If not, it’s worth it af.


Bungie is now free

Activision appoints new pres

Red dead online beta gets new gun rush mode

MK 11 boxart

Dragon ball games super showcase set for jan 14

‘Big news and reveals’

Catherine full body will be ps4 only in the west

Gain Ground and Puyo Puyo will release on the eshop in Feb

Mech Action game War Tech Fighters coming to Xbone, Ps4 and Switch Q2 2019


Videogamedunkey - best of 2018


This seems like too little to late?


I guess if Destiny survives, at least from now on we’ll know for sure if it was Activision of Bungie itself fucking up lol


I’m flat out Amazed Bungie made it out of Activisions grasp intact AND held onto their IP. Dayum.