Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


I am very curious to see the direction they have gone with MK11. If those rumors are true that they are going away from the overly animated stuff and go back to more MK1-3 types of animations, I’m going to be hype. But if it just looks like MKX with better graphics and the shitty animations, I’m out. I think I’ll be able to tell if I’m going to get it within like 10 seconds of the gameplay footage.


MK1-3 Animate like shit tho…


I glad they got away early, but not surprised they keep Destiny. I remember when they were looking for a publishing partner, keeping their IPs was part of the conditions. They didn’t want a repeat of the Microsoft situation.


Well good on them for doing their due diligence in that department.

Here’s hoping they learned a lesson about working with companies like Activision.



Bungie signs with EA


They animate better in some aspects than the 3D games.


Gain Ground was my fucking jam when I was a little. One of my favorite titles growing up, and its still is one of my favorites. The game was so god damn addicting. AND THE MUSIC! OH THE MUSIC! I usually don’t gush about (or usually even care about) the music in video games but gain grounds OST is amazing


I’m never doing the Defiled Chalice again. That half health gimmick was really irritating. Now, though, I’m banging my head against the Bloodletting Beast. Fuck that slam move it does.


For the style they are, they animate great. The 3D animation for recent MK games is terrible. Everything is like overly animated and slow/laggy. I don’t like it at all.

I hope they actually put some kind of emphasis on sound and music in MK11 too. The sound effects in recent MK and injustice games, as well as music, is so bad.


I guess…Probably because it’s real people doing the motions they kind of have to look right.


I remember seeing the trailer for Injustice 2 and asking why all the hit effects sound they where produced by a Sega Genesis.


Because NetherRealm Studios and Sega do what Nintendon’t.


Shitty bass crunch effects in a 2017 game?


Bungie is a big enough of a company that they should try their hand at publishing.


Yeah I know, just being facetious. I actually still play Destiny 2 lol. Probably the only person here who still does :sweat_smile:


It will be funny if Take Two takes Bungie. They can put shark cards into the game and launch the multiplayer a month after release.



Lord Boon posted the cover art for MK11


It would be nice to have an MK cover that didn’t have Scorpion on it.


To be fair, it’s the series’ most popular character next to Sub-Zero. I don’t blame them. And he’s only been on the last 3. Every other Mortal Kombat before that was just generic logo art. Oh, except for MK4. It had goro on the cover.

Edit: Wasn’t Sub-Zero on the cover of MKXL? I know scorpion was on MKX’s cover.