Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


Scorpion is also Boon’s favorite character.

I’m so glad I bought an NES Mini for my brother for Christmas. I hacked it and put a bunch more games on it for him, have been going to his place to kick it old schools, been so much fun. Just got home from 2 hours of Lifeforce and Megaman 2. Beat Megaman 2. Life Force beat us…like step children. Was a blast.

If I find more I’m gonna scoop one for my other brother and honestly damn things so cute I’ll probably scoop one for myself to…or the SNES Mini if I find one.


My brother came to visit for Xmas and I bought a SNES Mini. We crushed SMW all 96. It was a blast from the past!


The Target next to me had a ton of them, around the holidays.

How do you hack one?




You legit download one program and plug the mini into your computer. It took me less then 5 minutes to start putting games on it.


RetroPi > NES classic


I think he means the Tekken like string system from the past couple of games, and the matching slow frame data.


is retropi the same as raspberrypi?


RetroPie is software that you put on a Raspberry Pi.


RetroPi is more work then my brother is willing to deal with, so it wasn’t a viable purchase option in this case.

RetroArch is getting to be more work then even im willing to put in these days.


Yeah it’s pretty complicated for the technically illiterate. It’s really not that hard though if you already have an SD card to start with. My friend gave me his SD card and I literally copied it, plugged it in, and it just worked. I then made quite a few changes like removing old consoles I don’t give a shit about.

I also changed some of the settings that he doesn’t really understand how to fix because he’s not as technically literate as I am. I made changes to basically reduce input lag so now it’s virtually gone. I also made changes to get the midway games like NBA Jam and MK1/2 to work properly.

I have a spare Pi as well now because I setup a Pi Hole but it didn’t really work well and never could block youtube ads so I don’t use it anymore.


That makes 2 of us. :slight_smile:


Yea its not tough, its tedious more then anything. I wasnt lookin to sit around testing and fiddling with the settings in Arch to get 100+ NES games working correctly on a computer he only plays DOTA on anyway. No I bought him a much easier to use and much easier to work with cute little Rom box and its doing exactly the jpb i wanted it to. Tewching him to put games on it eill be a sinch. Im pretty satisfied.

I’ll take the time to fucks with RetroArch stuff when I build my Bar Top arcade cabinet. Then it will really be worth the effort.


Yeah see I never had any problems getting any of those games to work. NES worked fine out of the box. The thing that is also good is once you have it setup, you can just copy it. My friend played mine and then he asked me how he could get one, and I just told him exactly what to buy and give me the mem card and I’ll prep it for him. For him he can just plug and play it, and it has all my adjustments to it too. This dude is completely technically challenged too, so it works perfect for him that he has to do nothing now.



Can you hack a SNES Mini? I’d love to put Chrono Trigger on it.


Yes, people have PS1 games running on it. NES and SNES classic have identical hardware.


Yea, its just as easy, and yea I hear the SNES Mini can run PS1 games.


No AGDQ thread eh?

There was a DOS2 speedrun and it has an estmate of 27 mins only. The runner was 17 mins in before he realized he fucked up and so he was gonna start over. Not sure what happened but as he was about to create a char he just gave up.

Felt kind of bad… but at the same time kinda lol.


KH3 update schedule